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N0.276 November 10,2001

Projects Selected from China Hi-Tech Fair(1)

Editor's Remarks  The 3rd China International High Tech Trade Fair was held from October 12 to 17, 2001 in Shenzhen. The said Trade Fair was made of three major components: high tech results trading, high tech products demonstrations and high tech discussion forum. 37 countries and regions including China, US, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Korea and others had made their presence at the Fair. Chinese governmental agencies such as Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Industries, State Development Planning Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Municipal Government and delegations from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and 4 cosmopolitan municipalities under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government attended the Fair. Renowned enterprises from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also demonstrated their new technologies and products at the Fair. In addition, universities such as Beijing University and Tsinghua University sent their respective delegations to be part of the Fair. During the session, four rounds of matched business talks were arranged for numerous topics such as computer, telecommunication, networking, electronics and information, biological and medical technology, photo-machine-electricity integration, advanced, materials, new energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection technology, agriculture and others. 500 and odd investors attended the matched talks over a thousand projects and nearly a hundred pioneering ventures joined business talks at the Fair. The Fair was running with four special exhibition areas covering an exhibition area of 21,000m2 to display high tech products in the fields of computer, telecommunication, network technology and associated products, biotechnology and associated products, new materials and associated products, and agricultural high tech and associated products. To promote international S&T exchanges and cooperation and stimulate the industrialization process of high tech results, we have selected some projects from the ones that had their hot demonstration at the Fair and made them an edition for Special Features for your easy review.  

ACCESS-2000 SDH Intelligent Optical Access System

ACCESS-2000 SDH Intelligent Optical Access System is a new-generation access net product released by HUAQIANG NETCOM Co., Ltd. The system provides up to four directions of 155Mbps SDH optical interfaces and many kinds of service interfaces. It can form varieties of topology networks to provide the services access, cross and multiplexing of voice, data and Ethernet, etc. The system features in high integration, active usages, reliable transmission and convenient management and maintenance, so that it can be widely applied in the access networks or in the private nets of electric-power, military, irrigation works, railway and communication departments,etc.

ACCESS-ATM Broadband Integrated Services Access System

ACCESS-ATM Broadband Integrated Services Access system is another kind of newest broadband integrated services access product released by HUAQIANG NETCOM. The system provides customers broadband data and voice access based on the complete application of SDH and ATM technologies. The service interfaces include: ADSL, VDSL, 10/100Base-T and voice, etc. The system also features in excellent performance, complete functions, active usages, convenient expandability, easy management and maintenance, etc. It can be applied in high-quality, high-capacity broadband integrated services access networks. The system also can be applied in private nets of electric-power, military, irrigation works, railway and communications departments, etc.

ACCESS-DSL Series Routers

ACCESS-DSL series routers are the newest broadband accessnet products released by HUAQIANG NETCOM. The ACCESS-DSL, which is based on the high-performance routers and integrates SDSL and VDSL DLSAM can provide the users SDSL/VDSL access based on the twisted-pair line access technologies. Users can organized their high-rate Ethernet by using the existing twisted-pair line resources to enjoy up to 10Mbps Ethernet access bandwidth. This series products feature in excellent performances, complete functions, investment saving, high-speed construction, active-using, convenient expandability, simple management and maintenance, etc. ACCESS-DSL products can be widely applied in varieties of broadband access applications. such as intelligent borough, intelligent building, campus network and enterprise network, etc. They are the best solutions for the so-called “last one-mile problem”.

Network Security System

HUAQIANG network security system regards the intrusion detection system(IDS) developed by HUAQIANG Computer Company as the system center constructs a comprehensive, dynamic, layered, considering inside and outside security system. Aiming at customers' complex environment with multi-application, multi-product, multi-operation system and multi-communication modes, synthetically manage firewall technology, intrusion detection technology, Anti-Virus technology, identity authentication technology and Internet technology to provide a global distributed recovery, global centralized management and control, spanning multi-platforms, considering inside and outside security system for customers. It can effectively defenses hackers' attack, quickly adjust security policy, and bars hackers out of the recovery system.

Network Analysis System

HQ-SA, a powerful and versatile security analysis system, is provided for security companies, fund management companies, securities analysis & consult organizations and security practitioners. It can be used for technical analysis and market quotation statistics of securities, fundamental analysis.

HQ-SA is an intelligent, sensitive system. It is based on Windows /Windows NT/Windows 2000. Seascape data optimized storage technology. Native language analysis model and data element processing technology are used in this system.

HQ-SA is also available for repository of call center in security company, or general information platform in security company.

Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings Limited

Huaqiang Road, Shennanzhonglu, Shenzhen, P.R.China


tel:(0755) 3365354-244, 255  fax:(0755)3368414


603 Series Vacuum-Freeze-Dry Equipment

603 Series Vacuum-Freeze-Dry Equipment, developed by the Science and Technology Development General Company of 603 Institute, has been supported by the special state fund during the ninth the ninth 5-year-plan. It has been widely used in nutrition. medicine, biological products and injections, etc. With low temperature and high vacuum, goods are dried by sublimation. In the whole process, the biological active and all kinds of nutrition of the original fresh materials are all preserved. Therefore, vacuum-Freeze-Drying is the best drying technology up to now.

Features of 603 Series Vacuum-Freeze-Dry Equipment:

*The application of aviation technology and perfect testing skill enables the equipment to be of high efficiency and low wasted power;

*Continuous circulation raises daily output through the special water-catching method;

*Excellent reliability design and high quality serial equipment assure the efficiency of Vacuum-Freeze-Dry Equipment;

*Efficient technological curve of any kind of goods can be provided to customer through the research of 0.5m2 model equipment, so that the quality of products can be ensured;

*Program automatic and manual control is suitable to the operations in any condition.

Equipment of Airport Lighting System

The insulation transformers are specific power supply equipment used for military and civil airport lighting system. They are designed with high technical and advanced international standards. All types meet FAA requirements of electricity, insulation, temperature, shock and International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) requirements of airport light unit. Its watertight structure design standards is in the first class in China at present.

The product has many salient features compared with same foreign and home lighting products, e.g.:

*High reliability

*Advanced watertight design

*Crackle-free and explosion prevent even be melted technique

*Easy installation, maintenance and disassemble

HCR Constant Current Light Regulator Family used as a power supply source together with insulation transformer and lighting devices consists of the airport lighting system. It is designed with advanced technology and meets the FAA-AC requirement and American Military Standards. Its usability and operation safety, system interference-proof ability and error-allow ability are all be increase greatly, which have reached the 90s international level.

Their performance features are as follows:

*Control part and dry transformer adopts integrated installation

*Low-harmonic content and fine load compatibility

*New current-voltage transmitter have high precision and excellent wave-shape compatibility

*Can be soft start at any brightness stage and have a longer life time

*Has self-diagnosis function

Use software and hardware stand-by designed technique, high reliability system

*Has a remote control function

XY-100 Ultra-Light Aircraft

XY-100 ultra-light aircraft, invested and developed by the Science and Technology Development General Company of XADRI, can take off and land on simple road, highway and lawn etc. Owning the advantages of good gliding performance, high security, fine flexibility, simple operation, convenient maintenance and cheaper price etc, it can be widely used in flying entertainment, pilot training, photo-shoot, advertisement and military affairs etc. In 1997 and 1999, the company has respectively obtained XY-100 Type Design Approval(TDA007) and Production Certificate (PC013A) issued by General Administration of Aviation of China.

The Science and Technology Development General

Company of 603 Institute

20 Renmin Road, Yanliang District, Xi'an, Shannxi Province, P.R.China


tel:(029)68324776832474  fax:(029)6833964


Information Intelligent Quarters

Information intelligent quarters refers to a residential zones which is of advanced information exchange level by planning and constructing alone to the information fundamental facilities of residential zones in order to allow residents to obtain inter/intra-quarter information, conducting information exchange and shared resource through various media (such as telephone, facsimile, television and computer, etc.) These information fundamental facilities include integrated wiring system of residential quarters, telecommunication network of residential quarters, PC local area network and CATV of residential quarters, etc. Information quarters will bring digital life to residents, such as high speed access internet, on-line property management, video-on-demand, virtual school, virtual hospital, on-line game and BBS, etc.

China Telecom New Service-VPN

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is introduced by Shenzhen Telecom, which is constructed on public network platform without geographic restricts, meanwhile, under strategic control of corporations and corporate network management. Although VPN is based on public data network, corporations still can be independent to manage and plan its own network while with perfect security. When compared to traditional corporate network, VPN offers big cost savings(lease lines) and reduces management & maintenance work load as a result of applied public data network to basic platform while private resource is replaced by shared network resource with other users. VPN, which provided by Shenzhen telecom ‘IP LAN’, is the most advanced achievement with the highest function against price rate.

China Telecom New Service-ADSL(Internet Surfing)

ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) is a high speed internet access service, which is used to deliver broadband digital service to home and office users over existing standard copper-line, as well as it is a new service which facilitates the simultaneous use of normal phone and data service without any effect. ADSL is of providing high speed data communication capabilty, which is much faster than dial-up access, and offering interactive multi-media application with reliable medium. ADSL is introduced by Shenzhen Telecom into comprehensive application to various broadband multi-media service, such as, video-on-demand, on-line theater, on-line movie, on-line game and internet-television, etc. As further promotion of ADSL goes on, ADSL access will be applied to site to site telemedicine, on-line education, visual teleconference and VPN areas.

Shenzhen Shenda Telephone Co.Ltd.

The Local Telephon Building, Huafu Road, Futian

District, Shenzhen, P.R.China

zip: 518035

tel:(0755)3348111 fax:(0755)3265132

Email: Juanna@public. szonline. net

DVD receiver

The DVD receiver is the integration of the common DVD player and power amplifier with built-in radio, featuring dual audio decoding, Dolby Prologic decoding, radio receiver and karaoke capacities. With robust reliability and desirable performance price ratio, it is well received by customers at domestic and foreign markets, considering that the annual domestic requirement well exceeds 6 million sets, the product is destined with a very optimistic market prospect.

Whereas we independently organize our production at comparatively low cost, and computing at an annual sales volume of 200,000 sets, the profit can be expected at about RMB 78 million, which is a considerable payoff for investors with basic economic return not less than 20%.

Flat Speaker

The flat panel speaker is the result of science and technologies evolutions. It features minimal cost, perfect sound quality and adaptable shapes, receiving wide attention since its appearance in markets. Unlike the conical speakers, which produce sound by single point piston vibration, the flat panel speakers produce sound in a more natural way in steps resulting in more harmonious mediant, alt and unaffected bass, achieving profound and thorough musical aesthetics, with better directional property, higher fidelity, lower attenuation, and slimmer and neater shape. The flat panel speakers can be either hung on walls connected to speakers system, or placed on desktop in place of multimedia speakers, being compatible with most of the mainstream multimedia PC's as well as CD video, CD, TV, walkman, etc. Due to their lightness and super thinness, they can be used as decorations in households, offices or hotel to save space. The panel surface can also be easily replaced with your favorite pictures or photos.

The product is promised with a bright market prospect. With independent manufacturing at comparatively low cost and expectable economic profits for investors-basic economic return not less than 20%.

Dispatching and Digital Station Communication

The dispatching and digital station communication equipment, consisting of a dedicated digital communicator for railway station and a digital dispatching communicator, is a project with accreditation of scientific achievement by the Ministry of Railways. The digital communicator and dispatching communicator, which is respectively used for railway station communication and dispatching communication, are actually integrated in real life deployment into a unity-the digital dispatching communication network. In comparison with similar products, this product features novel architecture, advanced technologies, unique design, complete capability to substitute analog counterparts in the current domestic railway dispatching systems, as well as comprehensive functions, straightforward networking ability, flexible extensibility, reasonable planning and domestically industry leading advanced technologies.

Languang S&T Co. Ltd.

No.56 Zhenhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, P.R.China






Open MRI System with Permanent Magnet

Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) System is a sophisticated medical imaging equipment, first released to the market in early 1980's. It provides tomography of various parts of the human body without radiation risk and biological side effects. It is especially sensitive to soft tissue pathologies, and very effective for diagnosis of early cancer, tumor, brain vascular, and neuro-system diseases. Anke has 15-year experience in the design and manufacturing of permanent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. It owns the largest market share in China (installation base of more than 150 sets).

Its MRI products have been recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Health as a clinically practical model every year.

Shenzhen Anke High-Tech Co. Ltd.

26 Yanshan Road, Shekou, Shenzhen


tel:86-755-6688889  fax:86-755-6695307

www.asisz.com  Email:huanweiyi@asisz.com

Guanfu Base A Hydrochloride Injection

Guanfu Base A Hydrochloride is a class I new drug of the state and is extracted from natural herb. The clinical research indicated that its effective rate is almost 90% for ventricular cardiac arrhythmia (for example, ventricular premature beat) and supraventricular cardiac arrhythmia. It is very effective and safe, hasing little side effects and no inhibiting effect on cardiac muscle. It is quite different from the synthetic drugs that are being used clinically in that Guanfu Base A Hydrochloride, and it desn't have the problem of inducing new of original cardiac arrhythmia. It is much safer than the antiarrhythmic drugs that are being used clinically and its superiority is obvious. Furthermore, its resource of material is rich and the cost is low. It is very competitive when comparing to the same kind of drug.

Shenzhen Daphse Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.

6/F, Oastar Building, Shangmeilin, Shenzhen, P.R.China


tel:0755-3113336  fax:0755-3174242


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