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N0.280 December 20,2001

Projects Selected from China Hi-Tech Fair(4)  


Motion Capture System

Motion capture system is based on the sensor measure technology. It captures the dates of the subjects(human, animal, automobile etc.) movement. These dates are used in the 3D model, then put up the dates from hardware and software system in virtual space. This system is applied in the virtual and realistic technology, 3D animation production, medical health research, sport research and automatic equipment movement research etc. It has the great marketing potential and development prospect.

Dison Computer Graphics & Image Co., Ltd

Room 1303, Suite 7, Guoxing Garden, 20 Shoutinan

Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100044

tel: (010)88355527 88355524  fax:(010)88355628



FJX-648G Industrial Gamma Irradiator

Main Technical Parameters: largest activity of Co-60 radiation source: 3.7×10 e16 Bq(1MCi); initial activity of loading radiation source: 3.7×10e 15 ~7.4×10e15 Bq(100~200kCi); treatment capability: 90000kGy.t/a. at 3.7×10 e16 Bq(1MCi) of loding source and 300 day /year operating; availability of source: 15%~25%; uniformity efficiency: <2 main purpose: the irradiator is an industrial and commercial irradiation facility. It mainly used for sterilization of medical products and hygienic materials, etc; the disinfestation of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, leather, wool, etc; the irradiation preservation of fresh food, vegetabie, fruit and radiation preservation of chmical materials.


Beijing Dongfang Keli Science and Technology Developing Center, 840 Box Bine, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100840

tel:(010)88025731  fax:(010)88025731


Fanerda Enterprise Information  Consulting System

Fanerda enterprise information consulting system is designed and developed in response to the requirements of the people in commercial community to meet business competition in the markets, for the purpose to gather and learn of information on commercial opportunities, obtain information on business in a timely and comprehensive way, grasp the 4 function for sending e-mails and accessing the internet dynamic state of market, broad the thinking of business, win targeted customers, consult and retrieve information on products, and bridge commercial exchange. Its main functions are as follows:

1. Functions to retrieve and process information in a combined way;

2. Downloading function for information on products of enterpriese;

3. Printing function for business letters and envelops.  

Beijing Fanerda Science & Technology Development Corp.

3/F, B Enfei Building Fuxingluwu No.12 Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100038

tel: (010)63950852 63958196  fax: (010)63957348



Shiqi Stereo Digital Processor

The technology of real-time stereo display invented by Beijing Shiqi Science and  Technology Development Center has got the patent. The digital dice made with this technology, matching with some parts, for example, the infrared light-emitting diode can be formed into Shiqi stereo digital processor. Through the real-time processing to video signal by the Shiqi stereo digital processor, the image showed on TV skews double directions between left and right, and displays alternatively. With a pair of liquid crystal switchover eyeglasses. Watchers can enjoy the stereo TV programs. The digital dice realizes the conversion of stereo TV programs in high frequency without feeling flickering. It will solve the problem of lack of resource of stereo TV program, and provide an effective intermediate stage for the popularization of stereo TV set.

Shiqi stereo digital process is compatible to show stereo programs without feeling flickering because of high-frequency digital processing. The programs shot with the stereo shooting equipment, the animation made with the three-dimensional models and advertisements can be displayed on screen. And watchers can enjoy the shocking stereo scenery wearing the liquid crystal switchover eyeglasses. This unique character creates new and vast space for the development of stereo video signal programs.

The low-costed and powerful-functioned Shiqi stereo digital processor can match with various digital frequency-converting dice from both home and overseas, and work out the specific proposals fitting TV set, monitor and projector.

The fundamental requirements: frequency converting system, voltage 12V & 15V, multiplex TTL level watching equipment: wireless liquid crystal switchover glasses.

Structural configuration: CMOS-PLCC44dice, peripheral and magnified circuit, circuit access points, circuit board.

Infrared launching: put on the crust or casing outside the set.

Dice series: SQ-SDTV-TX PAL test board.

SQ-SDTV-PX PAL P/N Double-operator, automatic recognition situation.

SQ-SDTV-HX HDTV supporting high resolution and made by order of watchers.


Beijing Feshiqi Science and Technology Development Center

Room 118, Southern Building, No.6, Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100088

tel: (010)82078329  fax: (010)82034350




EMS2001 is an enterprise intelligent distribution system based on web.1 for the first time, the enterprise, which having many branches, many operation nodes, many clients and many dealers, will be integrated into one platform with branches, clients, cooperators and providers.

For the first time, clients, cooperators and providers can be included into marketing system of an enterprise as top user.

For the first time, the scattered stagnant data have been changed into dynamic information.

For the first time, business intelligence will be used to enhance data value and serve for decisions.

EMS uses internet as a new carrier to help an enterprise to reform its business process. It improves the enterprise's efficiency and responding speed greatly by integrating branches, cooperators, dealers and clients of an enterprise into one platform. It also enhances the enterprise's capability to adapt the market changes and to satisfy clients. In a short, EMS2001 will totally enhance enterprise's core competitiveness.

Beijing Hisen Technologies Co., Ltd.

Rm. 402, Tsinghua Pioneer Park, Jingshuyuan Road, Haidian Distriet, Beijing, P.R.China


tel:(010)82387346  82389824  fax:(010)62310909



HW E Type Computer-telephone

HW E Type Computer-telephone, created originally by HanWang, is an intelligent network telephone with PC machine, fax machine, PDA machine and data transmission machine combined into it. Adopting version 2.8 HW linked handwriting recognition technology; it can recognize linked characters, original complex characters, variant forms of Chinese characters, and inversed strokes at a high recognition rate and speed. With the function of input in original handwriting form, it can realize the input of shorthand and draft and a high speed. Just press a button, and it will automatically complete all the procedures of dialing online easier than PC and genuinely realize the convenience and quickness of e-mails. Its internal modem can help users look through the web pages and get the information needed, quickly and accurately. PDA has the functions of managing calling-cards, reminder, memo, calendar, universal time, English-Chinese dictionary, unit conversion, domestic zip codes, domestic and international regional number for long-distance calls, etc. The facsimile realizes the sending and receiving of faxes between intelligent telephones and faxes, and between intelligent telephones. The data transmission achieves mutual transmission of data between intelligent telephones, PC machine, and mobile phones. At the same time, it has functions of data-copying and electric dictionary. HW E Type Computer-telephone has original designs, outstanding functions, simple operations, and is a new type electrical information appliance which is applicable to house and office uses.

HanWang Technology Co., Ltd.

5-7th Floor, Shenchang Buliding, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China


tel:(010)62621916  fax: (010)62558294




FH6501(IPv6 Router) completed successfully in August 2000, is the first IPv6 Router in China that supports IPv6 protocol and has our own intellectual property rights. It has the following technical features:

(1)Realizing dynamic and static routing of IPv6, supporting RIPv1, RIPv2, RIPv6, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, etc, routing protocols.

(2)Supporting intercommunication between IPv6 and IPv4, adopting the dual protocol stacks and tunnel techniques to realize the smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

(3)Have independently developed real-time muli-task operation system JXOS, which has improved the system safety by a great degree.

(4)Have developed many applications that support both IPv6 and IPv4.

(5)Flexible interface module configuration.

(6)Supporting Ipsec protocol.

(7)Supporting three kinds of protocols of networks management: SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.

(8)Have been used in the IPv6 test bed of Northern Jiaotong University and have very excellent records.

Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Networks Technology Co.,Ltd.

Room 418 Sinotrans Plaza A, 43A North Xizhimen Rd.,Beijing, P.R.China


tel:(010)63240398  63240285  fax:(010)65636380



Multilingual Conversational Speech Understanding Technology

InfoTalk is a world leader in the development of multilingual conversational speech understanding technology. Our award-winning technology enhances quality and efficiency in our everyday lives. We envision speech-enabled information access and transactions anytime, anywhere by anyone and via any device. We strive to refine and share our technology to develop successful applications for our customers worldwide. With the widening growth of the mobile internet, speech understanding and speech processing solutions are more than likely to help customers build and retain customers. Our solutions can be imbedded with our customer's CRM platforms.

InfoTalk Corporation Limited

19/F, Fang Yuan Building, No. 56 B Zhongguancun South Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100044

tel: (010)88026616*216  fax:(010)88026208



Video & Audio Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing will help you improve your business efficiency. You will increase productivity, improve teamwork, gain a competitive edge, shorten decisions cycles and reduce expenses. Video conferencing works for all types of environments … any network (IP, ATM, ISDN), any application (voice, video and data) or any organization (Corporations, Education, Government, Healthcare).


Control Tech, Company Ltd.

Rm 1605, B, Tongtai Building, No.33 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100032

tel: (010)88086248, 88087233  fax:(010)88086939



Virtual Instrument

Computer-based instrumentation is the right choice to increase measurement throughput and lower your cost of making measurements. Virtual oscilloscopes are widely used in high-speed testing applications, such as telecommunication physical layer testing, video testing, and high-speed digital design verification. A computer-based digital oscilloscope, from rigol electronic, is perfectly suited to meet your demanding test applications by delivering faster setup and data transfer times, flexible resolution, fast sampling rates, deep memory buffers, multiple acquisition records, multiple instrument synchronization, advanced trigger options, and reduced size.

High performance desktop instruments, such as digital storage oscilloscope, with the bandwidth of 100M/60M, have quickly become the benchmark for low-cost oscilloscopes. Offering an unbeatable combination of performance, reliability and versatility, the DS 3000 series offers breakthrough digital and real-time advantages at low-cost analog oscilloscope prices.


Rigol Electronic Co.,Ltd.

No.301, Section A, Building 2, Zhongli Science Park, Street 3, Shangdi Information Base, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100085

tel: (010)82899325  fax:(010)82899326


Email: info@rigol.com

Kingbase Lite: A Mobile Embedded Datebase System

Kingbase Lite is an embedded database system, developed by Basesoft Information Tech. Co., Ltd. Kingbase Lite is mainly used for the data management in the mobile devices, such as PDA, laptop computer. It supports the data storage, retrieval and other data processing tasks in mobile devices. And it is used for data exchanging between local DB(database) and remote DB servers conveniently. Kingbase Lite has been widely used for the mobile commerce, information gathering and fieldwork widely.

Technical features:

Supports multiple OS and communication protocols, such as Windows CE, PalmOS, Hopen, and Linux, etc.

Small kernel, initial memory required is less than 100K RAM.

Provides Component-based architecture.

Customizable system integrating closely with applications.

Supports a subset of the SQL. And it's very easy to manage DB.

Provides ODBC-like API for advanced applications. APIs can be called as high-level programming language directly.

Keeps up multi-mode data synchronization(upload, download and hybrid).  

Basesoft Information Tech.Co., Ltd.

19A, No.3 Building, Technology Meeting&Exhibition Center, No.48 Beisanhuanxilu, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100089

tel:(010)6825111  62161633  fax:(010)68425111-111



Nanometer Layeric Argentine System Antibacterical

Beijing Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd has researched and developed Nano materials and fibricate application technology with the cooperation of Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our technologies have been certificated by Chinese authenticated institute that they have come up to world advanced standards. Nano layeric Argentine system antibacterial and antifungal agents can be widely used in daily life and industry. Their antibacterial effect can be kept permanently and can't be affected depending on the kinds of bacteria or mold. They will do good job to avoid hepatitis viruses, gonorrhea and mite. The most attractive character is that have washing resistance, light resistance, high-temperature resistance and good dispersibility. When these agents are mixed with a substance such as fiber, problems of tinting and discoloration will never exist again. It's spinnability is good and every kind of physical indices have came up to the state fine standard.


Beijing Century Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

No.7 Kexing Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100071

tel: (010)63786278  fax:(010)63787258



MMDS-2000 Wideband Wireless Multimedia Communicati

Base station and subscriber terminal occupy 2.4G, 3.5G, 5.8GHz, 28GHz, 36GHz pre-election frequency with the technology of MC-CDMA to implement MMDS-2000 Wideband Wireless Multimedia Communication System Net. The system can implement point to multi-address, point to multi-point and wideband multimedia communication contains video, audio and data. It can implement 20Mbps wideband communication, base station can communicate 1Gbps. It's data rate is 622Mbps when it apply “point to point”.

MMDS-2000 Wireless Multimedia Communication System is more than a communication broadcasting station, instead it is a communication system. It contains antennas, communication broadcasting stations, multi-plexers, PABXes, communication protocols, image compression decoder for user's selection.


Beijing Zhongguancun Technology & Equity Exchange

6th Floor, No.1 Room, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100080

tel: (010)82664146[KG*2]82664150  fax:(010)82664155



Digital Temperature Controlled Automatic Water Dis

Digital Temperature Controlled Automatic Water Dispenser, an original water dispenser developed by the corporation of Beijing C & J New Automation Systems Co.Ltd. And Japan Loyal System Co.Ltd, greatly improves the functions and the technology level of the water dispensers. By adopting technologies of microcomputer digital control and automatic hydro dosing technology, it provides freely set water temperatures immediately without waiting.

Mixing tank drinking water with heated water or cooled water to get water with suitable temperature, this water dispenser is economical in power. Adopting principle of hydro dosing to realize temperature adjusting automatically, deferent user's custom or deferent purpose of drinking water will be satisfied immediately with suitable temperature and quality without the influence of region or weather. Original appearance design with single faucet and electromotion feedwater.

We are looking for various types of corporation for the new water dispenser technology to get world widely used. We are confident in the practicability and novelty in technology and superiority in its product cost.


Beijing C&J New Automation Systems Co., Ltd.

6218, Garden Business Building, No.30, Garden Eastern Road,Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

zip: 100083

tel: (010)82025392  62370144  fax:(010)82025392



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