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The Ministry of Science and Technology
People's Republic of China

N0.291 April 10,2002

Projects Selected from China Hi-Tech Fair(5)

 Self-support Positive Pressure Air Breather

The feature of the Product presents on its special design, which includes the design in veil, one-level adjuster(pressure reducing valve), two-level adjuster (air supply valve), pressure displayer, alarm whistle, and rack. It can be matched with one or two steel or carbon fiber composed material made gas bottle, so as to obtain the capacity of 4.7litre, 6.8litre, 9litre, 2×4.7litre, 2×6.8litre. Bagu SCBA is tested by Shanghai Fire Control Bureau and EN of Europe, and keeps in line with the standard of En136 and EN137, also it keeps the American standard of EFPA/NLOSH.

Bagu Industry Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

No. 389 Guang'ao Road, Waigaoqiao Tex Save Area,Shanghai

zip: 200131

tel: (021)50480084  fax: (021)50481228

Email: Bitco@public4.sta.net.cn

Stove Equipment with Whole Homemade Control System

This product is high quality equipment. The inside of the stove use the strong cinery, clear and bright face, and high capability and safety compares to the common stove. The stove has advanced the quality of products.

Bao Steel Shareholding Ltd.

3447 Room, Baogang Hote, Shanghai


tel:(021)26649444  fax:(021)26645908



Med Anemia Test Chips and G6PD Test Chips

This product is a tool, which can quickly and correctly test the hereditary disease. The company has successfully developed the product which has the more superiority than traditional test method.

Uni-gene Technology Gropu Co.,Ltd.

No.3/1111, 2nd Zhongshan Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)65015366  fax:(021)65031182

Exploitation of City Life Rubbish

Comprehensively Utilizing Technology

With the development of the people's culture society, the life rubbish increased with population. Rubbish is one of the most important pollution at present. Many developed countries have exploitated and made use of it. The technological process is made up of withdraw system, crash system, mixture system and grain-made system. The technology is advanced and reliable. The organic fertilizer will have high quality, deplete low power with high efficiency, low cost, less investment the produced by it. The construction cycle is very short (6 month can be finished and the social benefit will be clearly realized).

Shanghai City Public Nuisance Resource Technology Development Ltd.

No.699, Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)62726788  fax:(021)62716984

Rolling Bearing without Sliding Friction

This product is a rolling bearing without support and sliding friction, it is made up by inside and outside circle, rolling body, located rolling body and located ring. In the condition of unchanging the generality of the bearing, it has cleared up the sliding friction because of support's locating or top-moving between rolling body and in-& out-side circle, then decrease the obstruction and noise. This product has promoted the life and limited speed. Also it has promoted the support of the bearing and satiability of operating. It is a new & hi-tech product. It has got the Chinese patent and applied patent protection in 94 countries. 

Shanghai Dabang Industrial Trade Co.,Ltd.

No.6950, Hutai Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)66760008  fax:(021)66760008


HA Anti-rust Alloy Plating Fluid

After “HA Anti-rust Alloy Plating Fluid” and its object completing chemical redox reaction, a layer of multi-element alloy mainly with nsNi, P is formed on the surface of the plated metal. The surface of the alloy can reach the optics effect of mirror. The plating fluid and object has the characteristics of harmlessness, innoxiousness, grind-proof, anti-corruption, low cost, and high lucency, and etc. It resolves a hard problem of chemically plating on the surface of complex shape. It also can be used to plate the cast iron, general carbon steel, aluminium alloy, copper and copper alloy. 

Shanghai Fei Chi High-tech Co., Ltd

1F(E), No.22/376, Yan'anxilu, Shanghai


tel:(021)62496701  fax:(021)62494169

FUS-50L(A) Self-control Fermentation Pot

It ranks the first in the world by the method of relative parameter analysis to optimize the fermentation technology in the world. We have put 14-test parameter on the biological reaction machine. On the other hand we have equipped soft bag the cell training technological study, which can create the fermentative optimization ability. Also it can realize the faraway communication in the different location and fermentative optimization control.

Shanghai Guoqiang Biology & Chemistry Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

No.130, Meilong Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)64252234  fax:(021)64253702

H 2O 2 Specially used in Micro-electricity

This product has been listed into 《Chinese New & Hi-tech Product catalogue》 and it is an industry, which the country encourages to develop. Also it has been granted certificate of Shanghai New Hi-tech Transformation project. It is mainly used in the process of etching and clearing of the large sized integrated circuit chips and the operation line which have more than 0.09μm chips. Its extended product has been used in the field of new missile pusher and laser weapon in the model national defence industry.

Shanghai Hobo Chemistry Ltd.

No.855, Pudong Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)58369718  fax:(021)58396747


Family used Water Machine

The organization of the machine makes the water, gas and organism mixd, then strengthen the reaction. As an equipment of one body, the product realize the separate between solid and liquid combined with separating membrane, then make the solid reach a standard which faced on the water. It can used in the families which are short of water or in the area with polluted water; boats which transport and operated in the river; waste water disposal of scattered villa, hotels and toilets, clearing the irrigative water in the developed countryside.  

Shanghai Huaye Environment Protect Ltd.

2106 Room, No.8/457, Fahuazhen Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)62801276  fax:(021)32260907


Series of Aluminium Alloy Nickle Pottery Cylinder

This product has promoted 20% power and decreased 50% discharge and 20% oil compare to the country or profession level. It has many advantages and it will be first selection of auto motive products of the environmental protection.  

Shanghai Kangshida Tire Ltd.

No.6, Dasheng Road, Qingpu Town, Shanghai


tel:(021)59727586  fax:(021)59727580

Laser Quickly Molding Machine

Quickly molding technology is a new & high technology in the producing field appearing in the end of the 20th. It has built a convenient bridge between the CAD figure and prototype of products. It is an advanced manufacturing technology combined with optics, mechanism, electricity, software, and materials. It is more supported by the CAD and Reverse Engineering technology. Also it is RPM a system which combined with quick molding technology under it.  

Shanghai Liantai Technology Co.,Ltd.

5F, No.680, Guiping Road, Shanghai

tel:(021)64850045  fax:(021)64850187


Synthetically Utilized Regenerative Resource

Shanghai Lv Ren Ecology Economic S&T Co., Ltd is a new & high-tech company which synthetically utilizes revival resources. This company mainly the tyre treatment of non-removing, tiny-pressure innoxiousness, and resourcedization. Its main products are charcoal, fuel, deposed steel wire, inflammable gas. The program is both beneficial to the persisting development of economics and society, and to the environment protection and regenerative resources utilization. It is also in line with the present demand of industry development policies and environment protection and the waste resource retreatment.  

Shanghai Lv Ren Ecology Economic S&T Co.,Ltd.

No.819, Fenggong Road, Qingcun Town, Fengxian County, Shanghai


tel:(021)57569187  fax:(021)57569188


High Speed Laser Spurt Number Machine

The manufactures control the course of producing and reflect the quality of the product by all kinds of number identification. High-speed laser spurt number machine is a new one among the similar equipments. It is a green product with high effect, low depletion and no pollution. The speed is 1000 word-symbol/s. The laser has replaced the ink, then save the high cost of ink and solve the problem of harmful solvent volatilizing pollution. This product was developed by the company itself and wholly has the technology property right.  

Shanghai Quanxin Technology Co.,Ltd.

No.1089, Qinzhoubeilu, Shanghai


tel:(021)54500768  fax:(021)64955178


Garden Plant Tissue Cultivated Seedling

Tissue cultivation is to cultivate the whole plant by using plant cell's regeneration ability. The feature of it is “quickly reproduce”. Particularly to the garden plant which have good market potential and whose seed or seedling's price is high. This biology technology has been used in the fields of reproducing good seed and a large number of seedlings quickly reproduced and getting rid of plant with virus. This product rely the footing on its reproducing a large number of new, strange, special and excellent garden plant seedling. It can be used in the producing of physiology active substance in the modern medicine. And it has good using potential in the agriculture and high quality vegetable reproducing.  

Shanghai Garden Research Institute


tel:(021)64702969  fax:(021)64821199


Hard & Difficultly-bunt Polyurethane Foam

This product as a kind of light material which keep warm, insulate heat, save energy, proof sound and water, has been limited its wide usage because it itself can easily burn. At present, some products developed of the company are pipe without seam, keeping warm technology, air condition pipe, light keeping warm engineering wallboard, and so on. The products have the advantages of power saving warm keeping heat insulating difficult inflammation fire and water proof. 

Shanghai Wanguo Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

No.2240 Pudong Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)6873330  fax:(021)68738036

Multi-machine Controlled Intelligent Residence System

The product is composed of the control mainframe and wire and wireless extension, which have the same function. It can make all kinds of information-related household communication equipment, electronic appliances and safety facilities connect to a family intelligent system by the family general-line technology. Through this way, concentrated or departed locational monitoring can be realized. It also keeps up coordination with the ]family facility and residence environment. There is no company whose product is truly mature in the market at present. Therefore, it is a new market with great potentiality. It also has applied the national patent.

Shanghai Xinhe Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 309, Information Building, No.518, Bibo Road, Zhangjiang, Shanghai


tel:(021)33040075  fax:(021)33040203


Easyway Biological Security Authenticate Server

Easyway Biological Security Authenticate Server is the united safety authenticated platform which using biologically distinguish technology for the importance. This product has high quality: the dealing outstanding fingerprint technology on the base of DNA figure keeping secret, transferring, saving, safety: the whole safe control style, good DES figure keeping secret; useful: friendly control interface, easy function interface, many kinds of organization support; compatible: the over platform design is on the base of COM/DCOM, CORBA automation interface; extensive: other biological security authenticated design support. This product can be used in bank, stock, insurance, government, and army.

Shanghai Yiwei Technology Co., Ltd.

5F, No.1308, Lujiabang Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)63777392-8002  fax:(021)63777359


Human's Epidermis Growing Factor

Human's Epidermis Growing Factor can make the growing of outside germinal layer cell and promote the healing of burned and trauma. It also can make the growing of grafted germinal and cornea quickly. It is important for the treatment of the burned, grafted germinal and cornea and traumatic skin ulcer. The technologic staffs of the company run the present gene technology, then realize to get the human's epidermis growing factor by cloning, composing and changing the functional gene, and realized to use plant and biology reactor by the way of transforming gene, that is to get the HEGF in the seed of rape at last. 

Shanghai Yongye Agriculture & Biology Engineering Co.,Ltd.

No.2901, Beijue Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)62208660-3210  fax:(021)62209988


PDP Multi-media Digit Display Terminal

PDP Multi-Media Digit Display Terminal” was an important technology innovation program of Shanghai Economic Commission. It has already passed identification and the advancement-consult report shows that its sample machine has come up to the advanced level of the parity type products on the international. The 42-inch color displaying set with equality ion can receive various information of Video, S-Video, RGB of computer and cable TV RF. It can be not only widely used in the public place, for example, the airport, bank, stock market and outside advertisement, but also for the household audio and video entertainment.

Shanghai Vacuum Electron Digital Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

Room 309, Information Building, No.518, Bibo Road, Zhangjiang, Shanghai


tel:(021)50802066-807  fax:(021)38953344

Bluetooth Gateway

As the new developing technology, Bluetooth gateway can supply the connection and change of ADSL, PSTN and LAN. It also can transfer the sound, data and picture in the multi-media. The features of this product is: as PPP sever, it can connect many Bluetooth data users at the same time, it supports the net agreements of TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet; supports sound communication by using TCP; supports DHCP agreement and dynamically manage IP address. The elec. Power is less than 5W, so it can used in family or office wirelessLAN.

Shanghai Zhenghua Electrical Hi-Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd.

No.3134, Zhongshanbeilu, Shanghai


tel:(021)62860969  fax:(021)62890470


XDPS-400 Scattered Control System

XDPS-400 Scattered Control System is the upgraded product of Xinhua company. XDP-400's reasonable organization and advanced technology can reach farthest demand of the processing control and information management in all kinds of industrial fields. XDPS-400 can be used in the control system of “the whole factory with one system” of all kinds of industrial fields, for example, electrical factory, steel factory, chemical factory, papermaking, cement factories. And XDPS-400 satisfied the requirement of reliability and immediateness of human-machine connection station during the course of industrial control by using concentration supervision.

Xinhua Control Technology Ltd.

No.160, Wenjing Road, Shanghai


tel:(021)64304308  fax:(021)64302778


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