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The Ministry of Science and Technology
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N0.293 April 30,2002

Projects Selected from China Hi-Tech Fair(6)  

BOAT of BUDGET”Construction Software

A set of applied software with DIY style. Its characteristic is: great expand life-force of budget software is emdowed with HB++ exploit implement system. We can transfer the common software to the specializational software in your area, and you also can order import and outport form and calculate way which have your own enterprise's character as you like. We will satisfied the customer's fondness on the maximum extent.

Project Identify and Calculate Automatically Software

A set of software which will bring great innovation in construction budget area. Ultimately, it solved the project calculate problem in budget, speed up 95% efficiency. If you choose our BOAT OF BUDGET, 30days budget work can be reduced to 3days. Its operate mode is: Identify and calculate automatically from building design blueprint of Auto CAD, and apply for building budget, final accounts and construction guidance.

Haoyuan HB++ Exploit Platform

A set of exploit platform which is invent to custom-made for enterprises in short time and with low exploit cost. In the meanwhile, it will realize how to seal-pack and upload the object-oriented exploitation mode. Beside, customers also can reach their own prospective function demand though setting up. Thereby, conserve cost can be extremely reduced.

Network Control Platform

A set of software which can transfer the non-internet software net to interactive and immediate software. Offer service to network operate orders, speed up the message searching efficiency.

Haoyuan Software Chongqing Co.,Ltd.

705# Zhong'an international mansions, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

tel:(023)63630066  fax:(023)63630066

www.hysoftware.com  Email:yoursoft@163.com

DVB-C Supscriber

As the core system of the wired network,DVB-C Subscriber Management System(SMS) is the important operating platform to assure the benefit of wired operators, content suppliers and digital TV clients. It is accordant with the requirements of Broadcasting & TV Bureau for client management, network management, charging and accounting. Having the advantages of large data, good stability, high efficiency and good security, the system is adopted the real-time charging scheme and the excellent Java sever scheme. It is very simple to maintain because just one browser can operate the whole system.

Time-settle accounts can fully guarantee the benefit distribution between operators and suppliers. It supports CA systems of Irdeto, NDS and Chinese TV Union etc. Wired Network DVB-C Subscriber Management System includes client management, operator management, client service, financial management, decision support, accounting system etc. The system can be operated in various systems such as Linux, Unix and Windows NT etc. It provides the standard XML data interface and can connect with various CA systems to realize the charging service for China Merchants Bank and the Internet charging by Network Banks. The system can be applied in all kinds of wired DVB-C system construction and support more than 20000000 clients. To develop DVB-C increment business will get obvious economic benefit. At present, it is the most ideal scheme for all large or medium type wired TV operators.

Chongqing Kuanshi Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

D2-205, 106#, Keyuansanlu, High & New Technology Zone, Chongqing, China


tel:(023)69080610-8017/8010  fax:(023)68699447


Bluetooth External Type Universal Wireless Interface Module

Bluetooth External Type Universal Wireless Interface Module” is a kind of standard Bluetooth External Type Wireless Interface Module which is adopted the advanced Bluetooth wireless communication technology, has own property right and accords with the market demand. On base of Bluetooth standard protocols, the product supports data and voice; provides interfaces RS232. USB and UART etc; provides the grouping conversion between Bluetooth protocols and the relevant communication protocols. Therefore, it can smoothly upgrade the wire equipment into the reliable, safe and steady wireless Bluetooth equipment; successfully realize Bluetooth wireless data and voice communication among lost of equipment; greatly reduce the complex process for maintaining the equipment & network and improve the system flexibility. As an universal standard module, the product provides a good, flexible, seamless and smooth support for upgrading the wire system into the wireless system in limited distance communication field on base of the original equipment. At present, the product mainly pitches the high additional value fields that have obvious effect on wireless communication. It three years, the technology will be widely used in the wireless communication network of industry control, office automatization, information household appliances, modern agriculture, exploration and medical equipment etc. At present, the market potential is about RMB 20 hundred millions Yuan per year. It is estimated that it will reach RMB 30 hundred millions Yuan in 2002. To catch the opportunity and develop the project soon. it will bring great economic and social benefit. We sincerely hope to have cooperation with creditable and strong enterprises.

Chongqing Bluetooth Wireless Technology Research Institute 

D2-103, 106#, Keyuansanlu, High & New Technology Zone, Chongqing, China


tel:(023)69080610-8017  fax:(023)68699447

Laser Welding Device Laser Marking System

Laser marking system do the marking processing by melting the material with the Laser beam. And now, the Laser marking system has been widely used in mechanics, energy, electronic industries and so on. It is perfect when marking on material hard. There is no touch, no pollution. The system is easy to use. Laser welding device is a new style. This welding machine concentrate the Laser beam to a small zone through optic system, in a short time, the material melted to a slim. It is also suit for different material and has been widely used in cell, glasses and other market. Both of the devices have good respect, and have a market of 500-1000 million a year.

Chongqing Institute of Optics and Mechanics

No.35 Yuzhou Road, Chongqing, China


tel:(023)68608494  fax:(023)68601449


Plant Gene Activator

Plant Gene Activator is a hi-tech agricultural product developed based on the latest technology of bioengineering. It can induce and activate the expression of specific genes of plants, without changing their gene type, to improve the ability of plants against diseases, drought, flood, salt and alkali, frost and other adverse circumstances. Plant Gene Activator has made it possible for plants to grow and harvest with improved quality even in adversities.

Originated from natural resources, Plant Gene Activator is harmless to human and environments. It can be used in planting of grains, cotton, vegetables, fruits, tea, tobacco, flowers, trees, and other crops.

As a new type of green agricultural product of broad-spectra, Plant Gene Activator has excellent economic and social benefits. For example, 1000 tons of Plant Gene Activator, worth of more than 100 million RMB Yuan, could be used in 25 million mus of crops, with a increase of incomes for farmers by several billion RMB Yuan. Considering tens of billions of mus of world's cultivated land, the market potential of Plant Gene Activator is incredible.

Cooperates from strategic and venture capital investors interested in the field of hi-tech bio-agriculture are welcome.

Chongqing Super Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

5-1Jingdi Business Building A, Dahuang Road, Daping, Chongqing, China


tel:(023)68730973  fax:(023)68730972

Introducton of GIS for Communication-net Facilities

The main function of the system are to construct base-map library for city's basic geographical information and special-map library for communication-net facilities, to manage the spatial data of the facilities, to show the information on electronic map with standard symbols such as point, line and area, by which you can look over the distribution of the facilities and the connection of certain ones, and, to organize(such as to enter, to edit or to modify) spatial information and property data, then establish an integrated computer document. In a word, the system can carry out the visual management with the combination of GIS and MIS.

With the system, you can query and analyse the electronic information of the facilities, print correlative report forms and draw facility-distribution-map, pipeline-routing-map and optical-cable-routing-map. By these means, the system can provide exact information for management, planning, cabling and decision-making, so, the remarkable economic and social benefic were brought.

The system has been used in communication-net resource management broadly.

Chongqing Zhongshan Teccom Ltd.

18Floor, Huaan Building, No.99, Zhongshanerlu, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China


tel:(023)63537691  fax:(023)63537691

GSM900/DCS1800 Dual-band Transceiver Monolithic Ic

This circuit is a monolithic dual-band transceiver used for GSM900/1800MHz mobile communication handsets, which is fully programmable controlled through 2Wire-bus interface. It is comprised of a heterodyne receiving unit containing a low noise amplifier(LNA), an up-converting phase locked modulator, and a UHF PLL and VHF PLL synthesizer. It can be widely used in single frequency GSM900MHz or DCS1800MHz handsets, dual frequency GSM900MHz or DCS1800MHz handsets, radio data transmission and other areas.

Southwest Integrated Circuits Design Co., Ltd.

No.7, Danlong Road, Nanping, Chongqing, China


tel:(023)62803074  fax:(023)62836149

Zhengda Hospital Information Management System

After two years operation by users and continuous improvement by the company, the current software is in its fourth generation. The software is developed using Powerbuilder SQL Server 7.0, targeting at a network runtime environment of NT 4.0 or Windows 2000, adopting C/S and B/S architecture at the same time. It is comprised of 58 modules and 9 subsystems including Outpatient Department, Inpatient Department, Pharmacy, Medical Record, Query and Decision Analysis for the President, Cost and Financial Management, Medical Technique, Equipment and Materials, Data Dictionary and System Maintenance.

In January 2001, the project, as a scientific and technological achievement, was regarded as advanced in the country by the Science and Technology Committee of Chongqing Municipality. It achieves great breakthroughs in the three aspects of the structural design of database, the custom definition of business flow and the architectural mode, covering every processes in a hospital such as medical care, medical technique and administration. The software was awarded a gold medal on the China International Software Fair 2001.

Currently, the software has 42 users, among which are 4 grade-three hospitals, 35 grade-two hospitals and 2 district hospitals. The project has an excellent market prospect, with an estimation of RMB 25 million of sales income in 2002 and a profit rate of 40%-60%.

Zhengda Software Engineering Co.,Ltd. welcomes cooperation of investors in the means of stock investment, venture investment and co-establishing new enterprises, requiring that the partner devote an investment of at least RMB 10 million.

Chongqing Zhengda Software Engineering Co.,Ltd.

2/f of D1 Building, Keyuansanlu, Hi & New Technology Zone, Chongqing,China


tel:(023)68629363  fax:(023)68691850

Chopper inter-feedback Speed Regulation System

Chopper-internal feedback speed governing system is mainly used in the consumption reduction in the blowers and pumps of high voltage or larger capacity. It can be used in the fields of power, water, drainage, melting, chemistry and mines.

Its main characteristics are the following: (1)conducting high voltage with low voltage; (2)increasing the effect(n≥96%); (3)reliable in operation; (4)the match of chopper-internal governing and feedback generators; (5)less in harmonic distribution (≤5%); (6)simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, but the price is only 1/3 or 1/5 of those of the imported ones.

The investors should be strong ones in the fields of power or electronics. The total investments shall be 30000000RMB.

Baoding North Speed Regulation Ltd.

Baoding Hi&New Technology Serve Center, Baoding, Hebei Province, China


tel:(0312)3132635  fax:(0312)3115955


Kehan Water Damming Bags

Kehan water damming bags are made up of outer bags of different shapes and purposes and the expansion agent inside the bags. The bag's size can expand to more than 80-100times to its original size and weight when meets with water.

This bag can be used in flood prevention and treatment, the market effect.The products are of good characteristics of environment protection and new and high-tech: no poison, no odor and pollution.

Baoding Kehan Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

No.318 Lianmengdonglu, Baoding, Hebei Province, China


tel:(0312)5025021  fax:(0312)5050773


X-Ray Stress Analyzer

Applications: Residual stress analysis and retained austenite Testing for the demanding research applications and field applications. Features: θ-θ scan, side inclination (goniometer) and the data processing provides superior accuracy and repeatability. PC microcomputer and excellent software package.

Handan Stress Technologies Institute

No.27 Liming Street, Handan, Hebei Province, China


tel:(0310)30672352  13931006834

General Multilingual Electronic Interpretation Machine

The project is exclusively explored and produced by our company in 1999. It is a patented high-tech product with the most advanced level in domestic and abroad and can provide eight languages for choice, The products have lots feature, such as digital, integrated, automatic and so on, and could be widely used in tourist attraction, museums, memorial halls, exhibition halls, government department, airports, airports, railway stations hotels, restaurants, hospitals and commodities fairs, main streets of city, vehicles, diplomatic mission zone for consulting and information.

Handan Antong Electronic Co.,Ltd.

No.1 Sifang Street, Hi-Tech Development Zone, Handan, Hebei Province, China


tel:(0310)7026560  fax:(0310)7026560

Second Stage of “OPC Industrialization Project”

The OPC industrialization project” has seen its first phase and trial product. The main contents of second period include 50 million RMB asset investment, one OPC coating line, one fine chemical plant with an annual production of 25 kg CGM, 1500 kgCTM and 1,800,000 OPC drums used in types of laser printers and copy machines. The project is planned to complete and put into trial production by 2002 with an annual income increment of 150,000,000 RMB and profit of 36,000,000 RMB. Market prospects: The global demand of OPC drum reached 2 billion and home demand 2.5 million in the year of 2000. The demand is continually increasing by 30% annually. The main indexes of our product have reached a globally top level with its performance and features of high sensitivity, low dark decay and low residual.

Handan PhotoC Co.,Ltd

No.105 Zhonghuabeidajie, Hardan, Hebei Province, China


tel:(0310)7022259  fax:(0310)7022879

Applications of Nano-emulsion Technology in Pesticide

Microemulsion is a multicomponet dispersion system composed of oil-water-surface active agent-auxiliary surface active agent, with thermodynamics stability. Microemulsion is also called nanoemulsion because the diameters of dispersion phase particles are normally between 10-100nm. China produces about one million tons of chemical pesticides per year, among which 700,000tons are emulsified oils. So large amount of organic solvents is used and environment is polluted seriously. Therefore microemulsifier has become leading material for pesticide development in the world. More than 10,000tons of emulsifier will be needed for 50% acetochlor emulsion alone, so it well find a good market. 600tons of emulsifier will be produced per year, the sales income will be RMB 84 million yuan and the profits and tax will be RMB 28 million yuan.

Liaoyang oxiranchem Co.,Ltd.

No.30 Guanghua Street, Hongwei District, Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, China


tel:(0419)4152198  (0419)4152087



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