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Signing Ceremony of the Projects for Aiding Tibet with Science and Technology Held in Lhasa

During the 2nd National Work Conference on Aiding Tibet with Science and Technology, the signing ceremony of the projects for aiding Tibet with science and technology was held on the afternoon of July 25. Over 200 people attended the signing ceremony. They were Comrade WU Zongze, Member of the Leading Party Group and Head of the Discipline Inspection Team of MOST, Comrade WU Yingjie, Vice Chairman of the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region and leaders from relevant departments and bu0reaus of MOST together with representatives from the local S&T departments, enterprises and institutions. XU Jianguo, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Development Planning of MOST presided over the signing ceremony.

The agreements signed at the ceremony involve 31 provincial (municipal) S&T departments (bureaus) and 7 prefectures (cities) in Tibet for a total of 69 projects with 40 million RMB Yuan. There are 30 development projects, 26 research projects, 5 training projects and 9 facility improvement projects. The projects mainly focus on such distinctive industries as the agropastoral industry of Tibet, traditional Tibetan medicine and highland biological resources as well as efficient use of energy and basic S&T facility construction. Implementation of these projects will further enhance the independent innovation ability and improve the qualifications of the S&T departments of Tibet and facilitate the important transformation from "blood transfusion" by the outside into "blood making" by itself. At the same time, the signing of a new batch of project agreements for aiding Tibet will further promote the S&T exchange and cooperation between Tibet and other provinces and cities and is of far reaching importance to advancing the rapid development of the S&T undertaking of Tibet, realizing the economic prosperity and social progress of Tibet and building up the harmonious socialist society.