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Presentation Ceremony of 2004 International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award Convened in Shanghai


The presentation ceremony of 2004 International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of the People's Republic of China was held in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on the morning of September 7. CHENG Jinpei, Vice Minister of Science and Technology and YAN Juanqi, Vice Mayor of Shanghai presented the certificates and medals to the three foreign experts: Dr. Ken.Kint, Dr. ZHANG Rujing and Dr. Eiqankenshi. More than 80 people coming respectively from the Chinese cooperative counterparts of the prize-winners, Shanghai Municipal Government, National Office for Science and Technology Awards, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology participated in the presentation ceremony. Altogether 5 people won China’s 2004 International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award. The presentation ceremony for two of the prize-winners took place abroad respectively in May and July this year.

First of all, Vice Minister CHENG Jinpei delivered a welcome speech and read out "Decision of the State Council on 2004 State Science and Technology Awards". In his speech, Vice Minister CHENG highly praised the three foreign experts for the active efforts and contributions they had made in the S&T exchange and cooperation between China and other countries. He indicated that strengthening technological cooperation and exchanging advanced experiences had already become an important move of every country in the world to advance common development and facilitate win-win cooperation. For a long time, the Chinese government has been encouraging foreign experts to come to work in China and supporting Chinese scientists and engineering staffs in their participation in major international S&T cooperation programs and projects. Plentiful and substantial results have been achieved in the all-round international technical exchange and cooperation.

Vice Mayor YAN Juanqi also addressed the presentation ceremony. He gave a briefing on Shanghai's achievements in international cooperation and the important role of international cooperation in driving the regional economic and social development of Shanghai and paid high tribute to the prominent contributions made by the prize-winners to international cooperation. Vice Mayor YAN remarked that Shanghai Municipal Government would carry out comprehensive technological and economic cooperation in a persistent manner and turn Shanghai into an important international center of S&T cooperation.

The three prize-winners respectively delivered an address of thanks at the presentation ceremony. They recalled the warm hospitality and support rendered by the Chinese people during their work in China, expressed sincere gratitude for being awarded this noble honor by the Chinese Government and stated that they would make active contribution to furthering international S&T cooperation and promoting the friendship among nations.

Before the presentation ceremony, Vice Minister CHENG Jinpei and Vice Mayor YAN Juanqi had a cordial chat and took a group photo with the three foreign experts.