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CHEN Zhili Attended the Opening Ceremony of the National Exhibition of Key S&T Achievements in the "10th Five-Year Plan”






On the afternoon of September 18th, Beijing Haidian Exhibition Hall witnessed a grand opening ceremony for the National Exhibition of Key S&T Achievements in the "10th Five-Year Plan”. State Councilor CHEN Zhili attended the opening ceremony and toured around the exhibition.


Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance, and involving the efforts by National Development & Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, General Armament Department, China Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Association for Science and Technology and People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, this exhibition is designed to further promote the public awareness of S&T innovations, speed up the transformation of S&T achievements and create a better social environment for the rapid and healthy development of S&T sector. The exhibition gave a comprehensive presentation of the key S&T achievements made in the “10th Five-Year Plan” period and vividly demonstrated the S&T developments in China as well as the important driving force generated by such developments to China’s economic and social life.


During the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, guided by the principles of “innovation and industrialization”, driven by the goals of deeper reform and integrating the S&T resources all over the country, China’s science and technology sector concentrated its efforts on the research and development of key technologies in close association with the key strategic demands and national objectives of social and economic development and provided solid S&T supports for China to take the road of new industrialization, to solve the “three-dimensional agricultural” issues and to achieve sustainable and harmonious development of the society.


The exhibition, with the theme of “New Century, New Technology, New Achievements”, is composed of three components. One of the components, named as “New Century of Science & Technology”, introduced the national strategy and general planning of the S&T sector and presented data and graphics to show the comprehensive S&T developments in China in the “10th Five-Year Plan” Period. “The Key S&T Achievements Concerning the National Economy & Social Development”, which is another component of the exhibition, displayed the technical innovations achieved by the Chinese enterprises, the major breakthroughs in key industrial technologies, the achievements in the transformation of agricultural S&T innovations and results as well as other key S&T achievements in the fields of population health, public security, resources and environmental protection during the “10th Five-Year Plan” period. The third component, which is named “Exploring the Unknown to Shape the Future”, exhibited the momentous achievements made by China during the “10th Five-year Plan” period in the global frontlines of science and high technologies that will lead the future, the outstanding and efficient settlement of the key S&T problems existing in China’s economic and social development in order to meet the needs of the national strategies as well as the significant achievements made by China in accumulating its S&T resources and building its technical innovation capabilities. The exhibition is scheduled to conclude on September 27th.


The Opening Ceremony welcomed more than one thousand representatives including heads of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and other related authorities, S&T professionals resident in Beijing, staff of the national government authorities and teenager representatives.