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MOST Convened the National Conference for Director-Generals of S&T on Acting in the Spirit of the National S&T Conference

In order to earnestly act in the spirit of the National Conference on Science and Technology and carry out various tasks established by the "Development Plan", MOST organized and convened the national conference for director-generals of science and technology in Beijing on January 12, 2006 to sum up the S&T work in the Tenth Five-year Plan period and, comprehensively implement the guidelines for the scientific and technological work in the new era with enhancement of indigenous innovation ability as the principal line, deploy and arrange the scientific and technological work in 2006 and the Eleventh Five-year Plan period. XU Guanhua, Minister of Science and Technology, delivered the working papers.


At the conference, MOST made comprehensive plans for the scientific and technological work in the Eleventh Five-year Plan period, identifying advancement of indigenous innovation ability as the keynote, system innovation as the main leverage for facilitating technological innovation, and optimization of innovation environment as the important guarantee for reinforcing indigenous innovation. During the conference, representatives from relevant departments, localities and state high-tech zones made presentations. MOST also announced 118 enterprises including Beijing Founder as the "State Recognized Enterprise Technological Center".


The conference was presided over by LI Xueyong, Vice Minister of Science and Technology. Present at the conference were four other Vice Ministers of Science and Technology, CHENG Jinpei, LIU Yanhua and SHANG Yong, and WU Zongze, and ZHANG Jing'an, President of Science and Technology Daily as well as main officials in charge of science and technology from each province, autonomous region, municipality, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp., relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council, science and technology departments of trade associations, together with state high-tech industrial development zones.