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MOST Held the Meeting for Deep Understandings of CCP Constitution




On July 24, MOST held the meeting for deep understandings of Constitution of Communist Party of China. XU Guanhua, Minster and the secretary of party committee of MOST made a speech at the meeting. The meeting was presided by WU Zhongze, the member of MOST party committee and leader of MOST supervisory group.


Minister XU Guanhua expounded the importance of studying the speech by President HU Jingtao and of deep understandings on the CCP constitution. He made clear the tasks of tightening the anti-corruption supervision in the party and required all MOST staff to carefully learn the CCP Constitution so as to provide strong support for the healthy development of the scientific and technological cause of China. Seven concrete requirements were then proposed in order to carry out this round of learning. Finally, Minister XU also mentioned to further strengthen the leadership of the party so as to ensure the implementation of CCP constitution learning.


The meeting was live broadcasted and participated by all staff of MOST and its affiliated agencies.