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Vice Minister LI Xueyong Meets with Deputy Director-general of the World Intellectual Property Organization

On the afternoon of September 4, LI Xueyong, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, met with Mr. Geoffrey Yu, Deputy Director-general of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and his party in the office building of MOST to exchange opinions on the relationship between intellectual property rights and technology innovation and reinforced collaboration between WIPO and MOST.

Vice Minister LI Xueyong said China attaches great importance to intellectual property rights and has achieved some results in this respect in recent years, yet there is still much work to do. He indicated that China is willing to strengthen exchange and collaboration with WIPO in the field of intellectual property rights.

During the talks, the Vice Minister briefed Mr. Geoffrey Yu and his party on the latest development of China's intellectual property rights undertaking. He mainly talked about the patent strategy implemented by China in the development of science and technology since the Tenth Five-year Plan and the situation of intellectual property rights creation and application encouraged by China, especially the policy measures for supporting enterprise innovation taken by China since the National Conference on Science and Technology. He expressed China's desire and determination to perfect its intellectual property rights system.

Mr. Geoffrey Yu had a high opinion of the efforts made by MOST to boost technology innovation and intellectual property rights and indicated that WIPO is wiling to cooperate with MOST to jointly advance the construction of the intellectual property rights system so as to accommodate the needs of science and technology and economic development.