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Vice Minister CHENG Attends Symposium on S&T Data Sharing Project



A symposium on S&T Data Sharing Project was held on October 23, 2006 and the second session of expert committee was formed at the meeting. Vice Minister CHENG Jinpei addressed the audience and conferred Letter of Appointment to the experts.


In his speech, Vice Minister laid out priorities for future work, including:

a. to develop policies, regulations and a standardized system;

b. to put together a databank of strategic data resources and brands;

c. to establish the state-level S&T data sharing center;

d. to promote international sharing of S&T data.


The committee consists of senior experts in vast fields such as geological physics with academician Dr. QIN Dahe as its director. Its major tasks include designing and planning for national S&T data projects, and providing consultations and assessment in project development.