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Senior Officials of CAPD visit MOST




On Feb 1, ZHANG Huaixi, the Vice Chairman of National Committee of CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and Executive Vice Chairman of CAPD (China Association for Promoting Democracy), and WANG Zuoshu, the member of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress also Vice Chairman of CAPD visited MOST and held in-depth discussion with Minister XU, Vice Minister Li as well as other senior officials of MOST on S&T work.

ZHANG highly commended MOST’s work and called for the input form all walks of life to China’s S&T cause. He said CAPD will continue to attend to and serve China S&T as always.

Minister XU expressed his gratitude to CAPD for their constant support to S&T work and briefed them on the status quo and focuses of S&T work in 2007. In order to fulfill the tasks in the 11th Five-Year Plan, MOST pledges efforts to make breakthroughs in enhancing innovative capacity of enterprises, coordinating S&T policies with economic ones, and offering better macro S&T management. Besides, MOST will also aim at remarkable progress in improving innovative capacities of 5 important areas for building an innovative country. And MOST will further its cooperation with CAPD and other democratic parties so as to jointly promote China’s S&T development.