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2007 International Conference on Bio-economy Opened in Tianjin





2007 International Conference & Exhibition on Bio-economy, themed as “Developing Bio-technology, Leading Bio-economy”, was opened in Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin Municipality on June 26.

This conference was co-organized by MOST, Ministry of Education and other 12 government departments, as well as Tianjin municipal government and the U.N., etc. It will enhance international cooperation and exchanges in bio-technology and bio-economy, explore policies and measures to accelerate a new round of S&T and industrial revolution led by bio-technology and provide experiences and development models for Binhai New Area. More than 2,000 scientists, entrepreneurs, governmental officials (22 of which are at or above the ministerial level) and over 260 enterprises attended the conference.

The conference consisted of a seminar and an exhibition of technological products. The former is divided into 10 parallel sessions, such as policy forum, frontier development of bio-science, bio-technology in agriculture, bio-medicine, chemical and medicine safety, biotech industry, etc. 262 experts, including several Nobel Prize laureates delivered academic reports at the seminar.