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China Institute of Scientific and Technological Development Strategy Celebrates Its Establishment



MOST held the ceremony for the establishment of China Institute of Scientific and Technological Development Strategy on December 28, 2007. Madame Chen Zhili, the State Councilor unveiled the name plate of the newly established institute. More than 200 personnel including officials from the relevant departments of the State Council and representatives from institutes, universities and colleges were present at the ceremony. The Ceremony was facilitated by Mr. Li Xueyong, secretary of MOST Party Leadership Group and was addressed by Minister WAN Gang of Science and Technology and Academician XU Guanhua, former Minister of Science and Technology.

The academy will establish an organizational approach of “large network centered around a small nucleus” through institutional innovation, a subject selecting mechanism combining national targets with free exploration, and an talents selecting mechanism that is open, flowing and competitive. All these attempts are made to achieve the following four goals:

1. To participate in the top-level design of the national S&T development strategy;

2. To undertake and organize researches on key strategic issues;

3. To educate and build a pool of backbone talents;

4. To establish an open platform of cooperation and communication to integrate all kinds of recourses on strategic researches.

Minister Wan Gang holds a concurrent post as the president of the Institute.