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2nd National Health Technology Forum and New Drugs Fair Held in Beijing



The 2nd National Health Technology Forum and New Drugs Fair was held on July 8-10 in Beijing. Over 2,000 experts, entrepreneurs and governmental officials attended the forum. 1,000 pharmaceutical companies showcased their latest products in the fair, attracting over 80,000 visitors. Mr. WAN Gang, Minister of MOST, addressed the opening ceremony of the forum.

In his speech, Minister WAN said that health technology has always been a key part in the science and technology development in China. Population and health were identified as priorities in the National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan. In the 11th Five-Year Plan, two out of the 16 major special projects were related to health technology, i.e. new drugs and infections prevention and control. In this period, MOST invested RMB 3 billion Yuan in health technology from the National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program).

Speaking of the future of health technology in China, Minister WAN outlined 10 priorities as follows:

1) Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases, infectious diseases and common diseases.

2) Creating new drugs and fostering large pharmaceuticals with competitiveness.  

3) Strengthening drug safety with the technology system that ensures the process from labs to patients.

4) Reinforcing food safety with the technology system that guarantees the process from farms to tables.

5) Promoting innovation in medical equipments.

6) Reducing birth defects, maternal and infant mortality rates, and enhancing reproductive health.

7) Carrying out pilot projects on primary health service.

8) Promoting modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

9) Developing technologies to enhance national wellness.

10) Educating the public to enhance their awareness of medical science through TV, radio, newspaper and lectures.

With the theme of “Developing Medical Science and Enhancing Public Health”, the forum was divided into 15 parallel sessions on the government’s role, vital and major diseases, infectious diseases, drug safety, food safety, chemical medicine, biological medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, medical device, healthcare industry, health management, diagnostic reagent, new drugs, functional food, occupational health and safety.