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Minister WAN Attends Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting in the U.S.





At the invitation of US Energy Secretary Steven Chu, MOST Minister WAN Gang attended the Ministerial Meeting on Clean Energy from July 18 to 23 in Washington.

In an effort to accelerate the global transition towards clean energy technologies, the meeting focused on the discussion of policies for developing clean energy technologies, and international cooperation in the field. Ministers from 23 countries, EU, and IEA were invited.

Minister WAN briefed the participants on China’s efforts and achievements in developing and disseminating clean energy technologies, and put forward suggestions on how to strengthen international cooperation in the field.

During his stay, Minister WAN also met with US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy John Holdren, and Senator Jeff Bingaman of Energy Policy. Minister WAN exchanged ideas with them on facilitating cooperation in clean energy between China and the U.S.. He also visited GM in Detroit and Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.