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Minister WAN Attends Carnegie Group Meeting of Science Ministers



MOST Minister WAN Gang attended the 38th Carnegie GroupMeeting of Science Ministers in Toronto, Canada from Nov. 19 to 242010. Participants included science ministers and government advisors from Canada, EU, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Great Britain, and the United States.


Four topics were highlighted in the meeting: promoting innovation to address global challenges, digital economy, clean energy (carbon capture and storage), and global research infrastructures (challenges in governance and funding). Minister WAN introduced innovation policies in China, the development of information and communication technologies and initiatives to bridge the digital divide in China, China’s preparation of the 4th Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum scheduled next year, the country’s experience in building and operating large-scale research infrastructures and its active participation in major international science and technology programs.


Besides, Minister WAN visited Canada and the U.S. at the invitation of Howard Alper, Chair of Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation Council, and David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary of Energy of the United States. During his visit to the Canadian National Research Council (NRC), he held talks with Gary Goodyear, Canadian Minister of State (Science and Technology), and went to the NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation and the Ballard Power Systems Inc.. The Minister also held discussions with Dr. Roman Szumski, Vice President of the NRC. On Nov. 23, WAN visited the San Francisco-based Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory affiliated to the U.S. Department of Energy.