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9th National Conference on S&T Foreign Affairs Held in Beijing






The 9th national conference on science-related foreign affairs was held in Beijing on August 28th. State Councillor Liu Yandong attended the opening ceremony and addressed that international cooperation on science and technology serves as linkage for science, economy and diplomacy. Based on scientific priorities and transformation of economic development pattern, efforts should be made to expand the width and depth of S&T cooperation and improve China's innovation capacity by making full use of international resources.

The conference aimed to implement the Outline for National Medium and Long-Term S&T Development Programme, review the achievements and experiences of international S&T cooperation during the 11th five-year plan period, and make an all-round arrangement for the next five years. Minister Wan Gang also addressed the conference and VM Wang Zhigang hosted the event.

A series of documents was also released by MOST , Ministry of Finance and other ministries, including Special Plan for International S&T Cooperation in the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, National Guidance for International S&T Cooperation Management, and National Guidance for for International S&T Cooperation Station Management. An exhibition on S&T cooperation achievements was also held during the time.