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MOST and Gates Foundation Promote Strategic Cooperation




Minister Wan Gang met with Bill Gates-led delegation from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at MOST on December 7th, 2011. Minister Wan spoke highly of Mr. Gates and his foundation's effort in global health, development and education. Wan also briefed the guests on China's progress in basic research and cutting-edge technology research, especially in agriculture and health. He said the research will not only benefit 1.3 billion Chinese people, but contribute to the peace and progress of the world. Wan pointed out that the cooperation between MOST and Gates Foundation is of great significance, and expressed support to the two sides in broadening cooperation areas and exploring exchanges in other fields.

Vice Minister Zhang Laiwu and Mr. Gates held talks and jointly held a press briefing. VM Zhang then chaired the welcome dinner for Mr. Gates. Zhang said that MOST and Gates Foundation will work together to explore the mechanisms, patterns and experiences of strategic cooperation between government agencies and international nonprofit organizations, contributing to the settlement of global issues including food security, environment and health.

Mr. Gates gave a brief presentation. He spoke highly of China's effort as a major provider of technology and development assistance, including agriculture and bio-medicine, to the third world countries. He also hoped to draw upon China's successful experiences in improving the lives of farmers in the past 30 years, so as to promote the development of Africa and other poor countries. He said that emerging economies like China can play a vital role in reducing hunger and poverty through innovation. As China has visible strengths in modern agriculture and health, the two sides will step up cooperation in various fields, including the increase of food productivity and the R&D of vaccines against major infectious diseases, so as to benefit poor countries and their people, African countries in particular.