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Minister Wang Zhigang Presides over World Laureates Symposium in Shanghai

On November 1, 2019, Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang presided over the World Laureates Symposium in Shanghai. Focusing on“Technology for the Common Destiny of Mankind”, he exchanged in-depth views with more than 30 Nobel laureates and more than 10 winners of other important science awards, listened to their views on the trend of the world’s frontier science and technology, as well as their opinions on the development of science and technology in China and suggestions for promoting openness and cooperation in science, technology and innovation in the new era. Vice Minister of Science and Technology Li Meng, Shanghai Municipal CPC Standing Committee Member and Vice Mayor Wu Qing and Shanghai Municipal CPC Standing Committee Deputy Secretary-General Chen Mingbo attended the symposium.
Minister Wang Zhigang cited Chinese President Xi Jinping as saying that science and technology is a great creative undertaking of mankind and developing science and technology calls for a global vision and the grasping of the trend of the times and that China is willing to work together with the rest of the world to enhance scientific research, increase collaboration, promote advances in science and technology and meet the challenges of the times. Minister Wang Zhigang noted that the Chinese government values science, technology and innovation, as well as openness and cooperation, because science knows no borders. He said that the world is a system, and people have social and natural attributes, the former of which calls for greater exchanges between different peoples while the latter calls for our joint efforts for protecting our shared planet and tackling common global challenges. Going forward, China will remain committed to reform and opening up, and will open wider rather than shut its door to the outside world. China will always be at the forefront in opening up and cooperation in science, technology and innovation. Minister Wang Zhigang also said that China will actively work with its international partners to explore effective ways of cooperation, and deepen its content, so as to contribute to the progress of human civilization, the development of world science and technology and the well-being of the peoples.
Speakers included 26 Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine and economics from the United States, the UK, France, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, Norway and other countries, as well as winners of the Wolf Prize, Lasker Award, Turing Award, and MacArthur Fellowship. Scientists from around the world, including Roger Kornberg, President of the World Laureates Association and the 2006 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, echoed Minister Wang Zhigang’s views and appreciated China’s progress in science, technology and innovation and its commitment to opening up and cooperation. The scientists said that they come from different countries, have different disciplinary backgrounds and they are eager to strengthen cooperation among science communities in working hard to explore basic science and discover knowledge, to deepen and expand science and technology exchanges and cooperation with countries including China, and to work together to contribute to advances in science and technology.
Minister Wang Zhigang held frank and in-depth discussions on topics of common concern with the scientists, expressing his admiration for commitment of the scientists to the spirit of science, scientific integrity and selfless pursuit of truth. He said that the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology will continue to work together to build platforms, expand channels, and provide services to create a favorable policy environment and innovation ecosystem for researchers in various countries.
Director-General Ye Dongbai of the Department of International Cooperation, Director-General Xu Jing of the Department of Strategy and Planning, Deputy Director-General Gao Xiang of the Department of Overseas Intellectual Resources Cooperation and Director-General Xie Min of the National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Director-General Zhang Quan of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Deputy Party Group Secretary Chen Jie of the Administrative Committee of Lingang New Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, and Executive Director Wang Hou of the World Laureates Association were present at the meeting.