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Greetings Sent to Front-line Workers of Wenchuan Faults Scientific Drilling

A delegation representing MOST, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Finance, and China Seismological Bureau, visited Wenchuan and conveyed greetings to the front-line workers of Wenchuan Earthquake Faults Scientific Drilling Project (WFSD) from February 8 to 9.

WFSD is the first state special project of its kind, thus highly valued by the Central Committee of CPC. Since the initiation of WFSD-1 on November 6 of 2008, the project has made significant progress, finishing drilling thepilot bores of WFSD-1 and WFSD-3. Proceeding as planned, WFSD-2 and WFSD-3 have gained boring samples, which are of great value to explore the mechanism of earthquakes.