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2nd Emergency Work Conference on Yushu Earthquake Relief Held

Vice Minister of MOST DU Zhanyuan chaired the 2nd Emergency Work Conference on Yushu Earthquake Relief on the night of April 17, immediately after attending the conference on relief held by the State Council.

VM DU highlighted in the conference that MOST should fully play its leading role in science and technology, and consult experts from various fields to provide timely technological support and propose policy suggestion for the relief work. He pointed out that coordination should be strengthened with earthquake monitoring institutes; experts should be sent to Sichuan to learn about the progress in post-disaster construction and the application of new technologies there, in order to put forward more valuable suggestions in Yushu of Qinghai; and coordination and communication should be strengthened with Qinghai Science and Technology Bureau to participate in the post-disaster construction with the aid of high technologies.