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2010 Joint Conference on Science Popularization Held

The 2010 Joint Conference on Science Popularization was held on April 29, Beijing to prepare for the upcoming 2010 Science and Technology Week (the Week). Vice Minister LI Xueyong of MOST presented himself at the event and addressed the audience.

Due from May 15 to 21 and themed at “Joining Hands in Building an Innovative Country”, the Week gives priority to “Energy Conservation, Environment Protection, and Public health” by following the guiding principles of “Bolstering development and benefiting people through science and technology”. Major activities will be held in four aspects on underpinning economic development, generating benefits to the public, protecting environment, and enhancing public awareness.

In last year’s Science and Technology Week, there were over 30,000 activities, including exhibitions, forums, seminars, performances, etc. Over 30 million brochures were distributed, and more than 100 million people participated in various activities during the Week.