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2010 China-US Summer Institute for Graduate Students Held in Beijing

The 2010 China-US Summer Institute for Graduate Students was launched on June 14 in Beijing. It was co-sponsored by MOST, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Natural Science Foundation and US National Science Foundation, and organized by China Science and Technology Exchange Center.

40 American postgraduates participated in the 8 week-training program, which covers a wide range of areas, including language, culture, politics, economic system, science and technology development, foreign policy, history, social customs, etc. Besides, they will also conduct cooperative research in Chinese research institutes and laboratories.

The 40 students were selected from prestigious American universities, such as the University of California, Pennsylvania University, John Hopkins University, University of Washington, and University of Chicago. Their specialties include biology, life sciences, ecology, chemistry, physics, geology, botany, zoology, psychology, nutriology, phonetics, civil engineering, material engineering, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering.

Since it was launched in 2004, the program has trained 199 American students, yielding successful cooperation.