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Record Set by Home-made Manned Underwater Vehicle

Jiaolong, the home-made manned underwater vehicle, set up a series of impressive records during the tests from May 31 to Jul. 18, the South China Sea. It completed 17 divings in the 3,000-meter-depth waters of the South China Sea, among which it crossed the 2000 meters seven times, broke 3,000 meters four times, and surpassed the world average oceanic depth of 3,682 meters by 77 meters (3,759 meters). It set the record of working under the sea for 9 hours and 3 minutes, indicating the good performances of designed functions of Jiaolong even at the depth of 3,000 meters.


The great success of Jiaolong marks the huge progress of deep-sea technology for China, and it also means that China is the fifth country in the world that boasts of the manned deep diving technology, after the US, France, Russia and Japan.