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1st Hybrid Rice Conference Held





The First Hybrid Rice Conference, co-sponsored by MOST, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Hunan Provincial Government, and themed at “Accelerating hybrid rice innovation, promoting sustained development of the industry, and safeguarding food security for China”, was held on Sep. 6, Changsha, Hunan Province.

CPPCC Vice Chairman and MOST Minister WAN Gang highly recognized the contributions of hybrid rice in developing modern agriculture and safeguarding food security for China. Minister WAN said that efforts should be made to:

1. develop high-yielding crop varieties to ensure food security;

2. improve bio-seed industry, so as to foster new strategic agricultural industries;

3. stimulate institutional innovation in agricultural technologies, and facilitate research, demonstration, and dissemination;

4. increase education and training on agricultural scientists;

5. strengthen international cooperation and exchanges to acquire the world’s most advanced technologies.

During the opening ceremony, the awarding ceremony of the 6th YuanLongping Agricultural Science and Technology Award was also held. Winners of this Award are the prominent experts in hybrid rice, especially super hybrid rice.