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Minister WAN Attends 4th International Solar Cities Congress

The 4th International Solar Cities Congress (ISCC), was held from Sept. 16 to 18, Dezhou, Shandong Province, China. Themed at “solar energy for better life”, the event aims to facilitate international cooperation in solar energy and restructuring of China’s energy mix.

MOST Minister WAN Gang addressed the event on behalf of the Chinese government. He said China’s energy strategy is: give priority to conservation, rely on domestic resources, develop diversified energy sources, pursue technological innovation, protect the environment and strengthen international cooperation for mutual benefit. The aim is to establish an economic, stable, clean and safe energy supply system, so as to sustain socio-economic development.

Over the years, China has launched joint energy projects with many countries and international organizations. Examples are: the launch of China-US Clean Energy Research Center with $150 million from each side for  joint research in building energy conservation, clean cola and new energy vehicles; the establishment of China-EU Energy Cooperation Conference mechanism, China-EU Ministerial Dialogue and Cooperation on Climate Change, and China-EU Clean Energy Research Center; and cooperation with the UK, Japan and ROK in clean energy, EV and smart grid. China also tries to create favorable conditions for international energy cooperation by promulgating International Science and Technology Cooperation Program on Renewable Energy and New Energy, and that China is ready to further cooperation with International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI) to make more contributions to the sustainable development of world economy, society and environment.

ISCC is held by ISCI on a biannual basis. This time around over 3,000 representatives from more than 50 countries and regions participated in the event.