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3rd China International Energy Expo Held in Taiyuan

The 3rd China International Energy Expo, sponsored by Shanxi Provincial Government, MOST, Ministry of Commerce, and National Energy Administration, was held from Sept. 16 to 18, Taiyuan. Themed at “Green energy, circular economy, transition and development”, the Expo attracted 600 delegations from 18 countries and regions.

MOST Vice Minister LI Xueyong delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and also addressed the Green Energy Summit Forum. VM LI pointed out that innovation and the development of new energy industry would be one of the important goals for science and technology drive in China. He mentioned multiple programs with other countries in energy, such as 150,000,000-dollar China-US Clean Energy Research Center, energy cooperation conference mechanism between China and EU, China-EU Clean Energy Center, and the extensive cooperation with Germany, the UK, Japan in near-zero coal-fired emission, electrical vehicle, energy-efficient building, etc. He also said it’s important to strengthen international cooperation in energy, and China would draw on experiences from other countries to promote new energy in the future.