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International Forum on Bio-energy Industries Held in Nanning

The 2010 International Experts’ Forum on Bio-energy and Bio-material Industries and Tropical/Sub-Tropical Resources, jointly sponsored by the Government of Guangxi Autonomous Region and UNIDO, organized by Guangxi Science & Technology Department and Guangxi Academy of Sciences, was held from Nov. 1 to 3 of 2010 in Nanning City.


The event aimed at promoting new technologies for the cultivation of tropical crops, enhancing research in related industrial sectors, building a modern agricultural industry system for major tropical crops, and enabling cooperation among business, academia and research institutes. Besides, the forum also made full use of the information resources of the UNIDO collaboration network, encouraged regional and international exchanges and cooperation, as well as enhanced the development and utilization of tropical and sub-tropical resources, bio-fuels and bio-materials in Guangxi.