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VM Cao Meets with NASB Delegation

Vice Minister Cao Jianlin met with Vladimir V. Kabanov, Director of B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) at MOST on the morning of May 23th.

VM Cao firstly reviewed the S&T cooperation between two countries, regarding Belarus as an important S&T partner for China. Approved by the China-Belarus S&T Cooperation Commission, both sides have carried out more than a hundred intergovernmental projects, covering a wide spectrum of areas, including aerospace, microelectronics and optics. Besides, regional cooperation has also been very fruitful, for example China-Belarus Hi-tech Zone in Shandong Province, S&T Cooperation Zones in Jilin Province and Henan Province.

Cao stressed that the long-term friendly relationship between the science communities laid solid foundation for the bilateral collaboration.

Director Kabanov spoke highly of China-Belarus S&T collaboration, pointing out that the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries had solid foundation and broad prospects.