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VM Wang Visits Greece and France

Vice Minister Wang Weizhong led a delegation to Greece and France from September 23rd to 29th.

During his visit to Greece, VM Wang met with Greek Deputy Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs Evy Chiristofilopoulou and Secretary General for science and technology. VM Wang briefed the Greek side on China's 12th Five-year Plan on S&T development. The two sides exchanged opinions on preparing the 11th Joint Commission Meeting on S&T Cooperation between China and Greece, making plans for future cooperation, and promoting innovation cooperation among enterprises.

In France, Wang addressed the Sino-French Industry Cluster Cooperation Forum held in Montpellier and met with Director General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and President of Montpellier. VM Wang also expressed the willingness to support innovation cooperation among enterprises of the two countries.