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VM Cao Meets with Director-General of ITER Organization Osamu Motojima



Vice Minister Cao Jianlin met with the Director-General of ITER Organization Osamu Motojima and his delegation at MOST on November 29th, 2011. The two sides had in-depth discussion on the progress, expenditure and human resources of the ITER Project. Director-General Osamu Motojima expressed his gratitude for Cao's support for the ITER Organization and him as the Director-General, as well as the Chinese side's understanding toward the steps he proposed for the smooth ITER construction.


Cao said that China, as an ITER member, takes part in the management and execution of the ITER project and will honor its promise to accomplish the manufacture of procurement packages on time. Apart from cash and in-kind contribution, China will send visiting scholars and experts to the ITER Organization in the next few years.


Director-General Osamu Motojima gave a presentation at ITER China on November 30th, exchanging ideas with the officers and briefing them on the steps taken in facilitating the execution of the ITER Project, address the impact of the Japan earthquake, and strengthen the ties between the ITER Organization and their members since his appointment.