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Minister Wan Meets with Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment


On August 26th, Minister Wan Gang met with Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Alba Perez, and exchanged opinions on further strengthening China-Cuba cooperation of science, technology and innovation.
Minister Wan Gang remarked that the two countries gave great prominence to technological innovation, which was recognized by both countries’ leaders. Thanks to the joint efforts of governments and S&T circles of both sides, China-Cuba S&T cooperation has maintained a favorable momentum. Fields such as biological medicine, with solid cooperation foundation, have become highlights in bilateral S&T cooperation. Further cooperation in biotechnology, nanotechnology, health care, meteorology and social science have boosted economic development and improved people’s livelihood for both countries. Minister Wan also stressed that in the future the two sides ought to sum up and promote the experience on biomedical cooperation, explore modes of cooperation that suit each other’s national conditions and help stimulate potential, improve S&T cooperation mechanisms, consolidate fruits of cooperation, enrich cooperation forms, promote the application of research findings and strengthen personnel exchanges. Minister Wan expected that strengthening China-Cuba S&T cooperation will make greater contribution to improving peoples’ livelihood of the two countries.
Minister Perez totally agreed with Minister Wan. Minister Perez pointed out that Cuba attaches great importance to its relationship with China. Since the establishment of China-Cuba diplomatic relations 53 years ago, the two sides have witnessed close ties in politics, trade and S&T, and Cuba-China relationship is now at its peak. Minister Perez also said the Cuban government stands ready to broaden the scope of bilateral S&T cooperation and achieve substantial results in S&T cooperation.
Later, the two ministers unveiled the nameplate for the China-Cuba Molecular Immunology Center.
Participants of the meeting also include Mr. Alberto Jesus Blanco Silva, Cuban Ambassador to China, Mr. Xu Jing, Director General of Major Special Project Office, Mr. Ma Linying, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department, Mr. Yang Zhe, Deputy Director General of S&T for Social Development Department and Mr. Wu Xiang, Deputy Director General of Department of Development Planning.