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Vice Minister Wang meets with Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation


On March 10, 2014, Vice Minister Wang Weizhong met with the Canadian delegation led by Reza Moridi, Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation.
Vice Minister Wang said that MOST and Ontario have maintained sound S&T cooperation for years. Since the signing of the MOU on research and innovation cooperation, the two sides have financed twelve international S&T projects in water treatment, neurology, stem cell, and hydrogen fuel cell, playing an active role in guiding and promoting R&D and S&T cooperation. MOST is willing to strengthen cooperation with Ontario in building a joint research center or joint lab, and to collaborate more closely in research management, air pollution control, and soil remediation etc.
Minister Moridi spoke highly of the cooperation progress and briefed on Ontario’s science, technology, and innovation. He said that Ontario is willing to further collaborate with Chinese government, research institutes, and enterprises for better integration of R&D with economic growth.
After the meeting, Vice Minister Wang and Minister Ontario signed a Supplemental MOU on Research and Innovation Cooperation between MOST and Ontario Government and agreed to co-finance collaborative R&D program.
MOST and Ontario government signed an MOU on research and innovation cooperation in 2008 and renewed it in 2013 to boost scientific, technological, economic and social development. The two sides also set up a bilateral S&T cooperation fund to finance collaborative R&D projects in 2010.
Mr. Mo Hongjun, counselor of the Department of International Cooperation and Mr. Sun Chengyong, counselor of Department of S&T for Social Development also attended the meeting.