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China-Canada Enterprises Innovation Center Inaugurated


On April 15, 2014, China-Canada Enterprises Innovation Center was inaugurated at China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Convention 2014. Attendees at the inauguration ceremony include Mr. Cai Jianing, counselor of the Department of International Cooperation, Mr. Zhu Shilong, Deputy Director General of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Mr. Yang Shaojun, counselor of Consulate General of the P. R. China in Toronto, Sandy He-Easton from Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, and entrepreneurs from both countries.
On October 9, 2013, at the Ontario-China Technology Transfer and R&D Collaboration Forum, China-Canada Enterprises Innovation Center was established by HANHAIZHIYE investment management company and Ontario Centers of Excellence, under the witness of Mr. FANG Li, Chinese Consul-general in Toronto, and Mr. Moridi, Ontario‘s Minister of Research and Innovation. As an innovation service institution guided by government and operated as an enterprise, this center adheres to the principle of “resource sharing, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation”. It will provide matchmaking and exchange services including talent, technology, capital and project, which will promote the integration of businesses from both sides and help enterprises go global and grow faster.