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Open Innovation towards Progress in China-UK Cooperation on Digital Health

On August 28, 2014, a three-member group of the University of Bradford headed by Mr. Paul Thorning, Director for Open Innovation, visited China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC). The delegation met and discussed with Dr. XING Jijun, Deputy Director General of CSTEC and Division of European Affairs on bilateral cooperation in digital health and open innovation.
The University of Bradford is one of the UK leaders in digital health which values collaboration with China. Bradford is working towards promoting its advanced projects and practices in China, especially in the area of aged and infant care.
Bradford has established cooperative ties with Changzhou, Guangzhou and Northeast China under the support of MOST and CSTEC. Coordinated by CSTEC, Bradford also participated in the 2014 China-UK Science Bridge Open Innovation Workshop and the 2014 International S&T Cooperation Week in Northeast China. Bradford intended to hold an open innovation workshop on “Mobile Technology Enabled Healthy Aging” this November, hoping to establish cooperative relationship with more local medical institutions in China. During the visit, Bradford briefed on a project in digital health innovation that was newly approved by the UK government.
Building sound medical care systems and dealing with aging constitute global common challenges. As a densely populated country, China has an even more urgent demand for new concepts and technologies abroad. To this end, CSTEC would rely on its resources to open new channels for China-UK cooperation in digital health while sustaining the established collaboration.