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Canada NRC Delegation Visited Torch Center

Accompanied by Christopher Maclean, Counsellor (Commercial) of Embassy of Canada, Canada National Research Council (NRC) delegation with 8 members led by Andrew McNaughton, Executive Director of NRC (National Research Council), visited Torch Center on 30th Nov., 2015. Madam Xiu, Deputy Director General (Director General Level), from Torch Center, and staff from Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.China (MOST), officers from China Science and Technology Exchange Center, and Torch Center attended the meeting. The two sides discussed how to promote the cooperation between China and Canada in high-tech industry.
Madam Xiu firstly expressed her warm welcome to the delegation, and introduced the main function and role of Torch Center, especially the successful effectiveness of Torch Center in promoting international cooperation. Canada delegation introduced the NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Canada International Innovation Program (CIIP) to the host, and expressed their strong wish to develop and promote the exchange and cooperation between high-tech companies of both China and Canada.
Madam Xiu reacted the wish actively and said that Torch Center was always supportive to the technology cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises from China and Canada. She hoped that the two parties should first understand the real requirement of its own, clarify the cooperation intention and develop goal-oriented R&D cooperation, further deepen the mutual understanding through the cooperation, and continuously promote the international cooperation between China and Canada in high-tech industry field.
Canada delegation appreciated Torch Center for the warm reception. The meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere.(