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Heat Transfer Unit of HTGR Steam Generator Industrialized in China

Under the support of the National Major Science and Technology Project of “Large Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor and High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor”, Chinese scientists have successfully designed and manufactured the heat transfer unit, a key component to be installed on the steam generator of the fourth-generation nuclear plant. The heat transfer unit will be used in a demonstrative HTGR independently developed by China. The first batch of 38 sets of heat transfer unit is expected to be delivered by August 2016. The successful delivery means China has acquired the techniques to manufacture the heat transfer unit and is able to industrialize the sophisticated product.

Heat transfer unit is a key component of HTGR’s steam generator with a complicated structure and critical demand for high precision. The unit is independently designed by the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University and structured like no similar device already available on the global market. The designers are seeking some 30 patent authorizations for the equipment from domestic and international authorities, and international patent applications for the structural design in 15 countries.

Jiangsu Yinhuan Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd. was assigned to manufacture multi-start helical coiled tubes and the heat transfer unit. Zhuang Jianxin, founder of the company, said RMB 125 million was invested in the project and now the company can produce 228 sets of heat transfer unit a year and meet the demand for operating two 600MW steam generators. The company has acquired the techniques for massive and efficient manufacturing of heat transfer unit, and is building a delivery base for heat transfer unit.