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CNDA Head Luo Delong Accompanied ITER DG to Hefei


On April 4, Dr. Luo Delong, Head of the Chinese Domestic Agency of ITER (CNDA), accompanied Dr. Bernard Bigot, Director General of ITER, to visit the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP). The two sides held in-depth discussions on a variety of issues including the progress of the ITER Project, production arrangement of the ITER procurement packages, as well as bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Dr. Wan Baonian, Director of the ASIPP, expressed warm welcome to Dr. Bernard Bigot, who had visited the ASIPP in 2008. Dr. Wan made a brief introduction about the institute and gave a full account of their achievements in fusion research, fusion technologies as well as its implementation of ITER procurement packages. Officials at the institute introduced their respective share of work and progress in implementing the ITER procurement packages, key technology breakthroughs as well as unresolved problems.

Dr. Bernard Bigot spoke highly of the remarkable progress ASIPP has made in delivering the ITER procurement packages and its contribution to the ITER Project.  He made a presentation on “ITER Project – Progress at Full Speed”. He outlined the structure of the ITER Organization, the latest developments and challenges of the ITER Project. He hoped the seven stakeholders of ITER Project will stick to the schedule, and institutes involved should implement the ITER procurement packages on time and make concerted efforts to advance the ITER Project.

Dr. Bernard Bigot also visited the EAST device and a related laboratory, ITER international experiment zone, ITER correction coil manufacturing workshop, PF6 coil manufacturing workshop and the shipping pier.