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China-EU Meeting on STI Cooperation and Exchange Held in Brussels

China-EU Meeting on STI Cooperation and Exchange has been held in Brussels recently. The Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology discussed the recent STI cooperation progress with DG Research & Innovation and other relevant departments.

The two sides mainly discussed China-EU innovation co-funding mechanism and priorities of future innovation cooperation, believing the launch of China-EU Innovation co-Funding Mechanism would be of great significance in deepening innovation cooperation. In the future, the Mechanism will further improve the procedures and optimize processes according to the principle of equality, mutual benefit, and win-win outcomes, providing increasingly greater support to China-EU STI institutions and the personnel involved in STI.

Regarding the China-EU STI cooperation areas, the two sides will act on the basis of former cooperation to organize in-depth discussions and continue to open up new areas of cooperation, targeting major STI issues of common concern, global STI challenges, energy, climate change and green transport.

Upon invitation, the Working Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology met and discussed with the European Commissions‘s Joint Research Center, exchanging views on future cooperation.