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Preparatory Office of National “12th Five-Year Plan” S&T Innovation Achievements Exhibition Convenes the Inter-ministerial Coordination Group Liaison Meeting

On May 11, 2016, the Preparatory Office of National “12th Five-Year Plan” S&T Innovation Achievements Exhibition called the second session of liaison of the Inter-ministerial Coordination Group, further advancing all aspects of the exhibition preparations to ensure a successful event. In total, 40 people from the Ministry of Science and Technology,Science & Technology Daily, liaisons of the Inter-ministerial Coordination Group and liaisons and members of the Preparatory Office have attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the Department of Innovation and Development gave a report on progress of the preparatory work. The National 12th Five-Year Plan S&T Innovation Achievements Exhibition will be formally open to public in Beijing Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Driving Development through Innovation, Leading the Future through Science and Technology”, this exhibition will showcase major achievements of S&T innovation in China during the 12th Five-Year Plan, especially since the 18th CPC National Congress; the exhibition also displays their critical supportive roles and driving-force roles in socioeconomic development of the nation. At present, the preparatory work has been basically accomplished regarding streamlining of exhibition projects, booth design, exhibition scripts, samples, pamphlets, etc. while preparation of the featured exhibition was under smooth progress. All member departments under the inter-ministrerial coordination group have made specific proposals or offered suggestions regarding exhibition preparation, project checklists, achievements booklets and the next step of work schedule.

Vice Minister Li Meng said that all departments should attach great importance to this exhibition and made good preparations for it as this will be a high-level, broad-scope and widely-influential event. On the basis of preliminary work, each exhibition section should streamline the major projects highlights, focusing on system design and full-chain design through the use of real objects, models, panels, and videos etc. The process of innovation should be revealed and innovation stories should be successfully told so as to provide the general public with a more impressive experience and a strong sense of satisfaction. The Vice Minister stressed that the Preparatory Office should come up with a well-designed scheme of feature exhibitions and work closely with relevant departments to ensure the success of such exhibition preparations. Rules should be strictly followed, the bid and expenses should be under tightened control, and the thrifty principle should be practiced, with special attention given to safety issues during the event. Meanwhile, all departments should actively organize relevant personnel of their departments or systems to participate in this exhibition and try to publicize achievements of S&T innovation of China and improve the overall effect of exhibition, increasing public understanding of S&T innovation and development of China and building up public confidence in this regard.