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Vice Minister Yin Hejun Meets with ITER Organization Director-General Bernard Bigot


On April 5, 2016, Mr.Yin Hejun,the Vice Minister of Science & Technology, met with Dr.Bernard Bigot,the Director-General of ITER Organization. The two parties exchanged detailed ideas about important topics including project progress, project management and international cooperation of the ITER.

Vice Minister Yin Hejun said Chinese government attached great importance to the ITER project and expressed his appreciation of the achievements of projects under the leadership of the Director-General. During the conversation, the Vice Minister said nuclear fusion energy was of vital importance to environment and future development of energy resources. The ITER project has exerted a far-reaching impact on aspects of pushing forward advancement in science and technology and project development as well as addressing mankind’s future need for energy. Then, the parties exchanged views on existing challenges and problems of the ITER project. At the end, the Vice Minister Yin Hejun said“China will, as always, support ITER and the Director-General. China will work together with relevant sides to advance the smooth implementation of the project, setting a fine example of mega science and engineering international cooperation”.

Dr. Bigot highly appreciated China’s achievements in advancing the execution of the ITER project and implementing the task of procurement package, saying that he agreed with the Vice Minister on his views of existing important topics. He hoped all parties of ITER including China would work together for the great goals of ITER.