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China’s 1st Original International Testing Standard of Machine Tool Industry


Based on independent R&D, the AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. put forward a testing standard of the S-shaped test piece in the Project on High-end Numerical Control Machine Tool and Basic Manufacturing Equipment under the auspices of the Major National Projects on Science and Technology. The standard has entered the 4th stage of internationalization.

The S-shaped piece is mainly used to detect the precision dynamics of five-axis machine tools. This is the first international standard independently proposed by China machine tool manufacturing industry. It symbolizes that for the first time, China’s industry took the initiative to develop an acceptance check standard of machine tools. From May 9 to 13, the 79th meeting of the ISO/TC39/SC2 was held at the Institute for Machine Tools of the University of Stuttgart. The meeting deliberated on the testing standard and Chinese representatives responded to 81 comments made by various countries. In the end, consensus was reached on the definition, processing, testing and other issues of the test piece. The meeting announced that the draft standard enters the DIS (draft international standard) stage, one step closer to become an international standard.

ISO’s international standard procedure consists of 5 stages: NP, WD, CD, DIS, and FDIS. In September 2012, the 74th Meeting of the ISO/TC39/SC2 decided by voting that the“S-shaped Test Piece”standard officially enter the ISO procedure.