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MOST Proposes Technology Transfer Network along “Belt & Road”

On June 12th of 2016, the Second Forum on China-South Asia Technology Transfer & Collaborative Innovation was convened in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Yin Hejun, Vice Minister of Science and Technology addressed the Forum and proposed to establish a technology transfer network along the “Belt & Road”.

Yin said China proposes this network in order to fully leverage the leadership role of science, technology and innovation in the ”Belt & Road” initiative; enhance capacity building of related countries; boost sustainable prosperity and regional economies through the China-South Asia Science and Technology Partnership Program. By connecting centers of technology transfer and collaborative innovation jointly established by China and countries in South Asia, ASEAN, Central Asia and the Arab world, efforts should be made to build a technology transfer network and collaboration platform between key provinces and cities in China with countries along the “Belt & Road”. The aim is to fully leverage online and offline resources, promote exchanges, talks, technical training and demonstration to meet business demands, enable in-depth regional integration among businesses, academia and research institutions and foster a community of innovation along the “Belt & Road”.