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CSTEC Delegation Attends Bio-Med 2016 in Israel and Holds China-Israel Technology Matchmaking Meeting


In order to promote the innovation cooperation between China and Israel in compliance with relevant requirements specified in the Three-Year Action Plan for China-Israel Innovation Cooperation (2015-2017), and to fulfill one of the work priorities of China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Center this year, China Science and Technology Exchange Center (hereinafter referred to as CSTEC) attended Bio-Med 2016 in Israel during May 22-27, 2016. During that period, CSTEC and MATIMOP jointly organized China-Israel Technology Matchmaking Meeting, which was participated by 13 renowned investment institutions such as Photon Fund Capital, TSF Capital, Sinocurrent and Ping An Ventures, as well as 7 industrial companies under the leadership of Hi-Tech International Business Incubator.

Israel Bio-Med 2016, the biggest exhibition in the field of life health held once a year in Israel, was hosted by Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) and participated by a number of biological medicine high-tech companies and international pharmaceutical giants from Israel, the United States, China, France, Italy and Switzerland, with their latest products debut in the exhibition. Life health is one of the key fields of cooperation between Israel and China, enjoying great potential and wider market for future cooperation. Under the arrangement of CSTEC, Chinese companies had direct contacts and exchanges with Israeli companies engaging in bio-medicine, medical apparatus and instruments and medical carrier, attended symposiums to get information of their business operation status and progress of life health in Israel, and also conducted discussions with interested exhibitors.

In addition, CSTEC organized China-Israel Technology Matchmaking Meeting jointly with MATIMOP for Chinese investors and industrial companies coming to Israel, where 20 domestic investment institutions and industrial companies got the opportunity to perform one-to-one technology matchmaking with 190 Israeli companies. Israeli companies showed great interests in Chinese investors, with whom Israeli companies held over 300 B2B talks, and both reached a preliminary agreement on many projects in warm atmosphere. Chinese investment institutions said that they would carry out follow-up investigations on selected projects and keep in touch for in-depth cooperation in the future.
CSTEC delegation to Israel is an important part of mutual cooperation on establishing China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Center, which offers a good platform and opportunity for Chinese and Israeli companies to develop extensive innovation cooperation. During the visit, the delegation experienced Israel’s favorable innovation and investment environment, collaborated with Israeli companies on a lot of advanced technology projects, and gained an in-depth understanding on Israel‘s incubators, VC institutions, startup business models and needs for cooperation, laying a solid foundation for closer innovation cooperation between China and Israel in the future.