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Vice Minister Li Meets HKU Vice President Hor



Li Meng, Vice Minister of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology met with a delegation of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) led by Vice President T S Andy Hor on June 13th, 2016. The two sides held discussions on furthering the HKU’s engagement in the academic and research cooperation between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, as well as future directions for HKU-based State key laboratories.

Li extended a warm welcome to the HKU delegation and congratulated on the achievements made through its long-term engagement in the cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI) between the mainland and Hong Kong. Li briefed the guests on three major recent developments in the country’s STI drive. First, China has officially released the Outline on the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development and set the goal of building up strong STI capacity through “Three Steps”. Second, the National STI Conference was held along with the 18th session of Academician Congress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 13th session of Academician Congress of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the 9th National Conference of the China Association for Science and Technology. At the STI Conference, President Xi Jinping made an important speech, calling on the country to build up STI strength. Premier Li Keqiang outlined plans on leveraging the leading role of STI and stimulating STI progress through institutional reforms. Third, the Exhibition on STI Achievements over the 12th Five Years was held to present past accomplishments.

Li noted that Hong Kong has unique advantages in advancing STI and that there is huge scope for the mainland and Hong Kong to expand cooperation. As a world-renowned university with unique strengths in scientific research, the HKU is expected to play a bigger role in the overall S&T development in the country.

Vice President Hor thanked the science ministry for its warm reception and agreed to the views of Vice Minister Li. He said that his university is strong in the fields of medical sciences and Smart City and can pool its recourses to facilitate progress in those fields in line with China’s urgent demand. Hor hoped that the HKU could become an integral part of China’s efforts to develop the national STI system and deliver the national strategy of innovation-driven development.