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ITER CAD Working Group Workshop Held in China for 1st Time


The 15th ITER CAD Working Group Workshop was held in Chengdu, China from May 24 to 26, 2016. The Group consists of heads of design departments of the ITER Organization and its 7 members (China, the European Union, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States). The Working Group holds the meeting annually with an aim to discuss and solve problems in the design process and procurement packages within the ITER framework. The meeting also aimed to improve the efficiency of collaborative design among design departments, ensure smooth integration of the various systems and safeguard the successful project implementation.

At the workshop, each party introduced the usage and development of the collaborative design platform and database, the formulation and improvement of rules, as well as progress made and problems encountered. The parties also discussed about how to monitor and improve design quality more effectively, how to strengthen cooperation, and how to guarantee the realization of the overall objective.

The workshop was first held in China by the ITER CAD Working Group after its founding in 2005. Attendants included the ITER organization. Members from the United States and India took part via video conferencing. The Southwestern Institute of Physics of China participated in the meeting in the capacity of the key design contractor of China’s procurement package. Sun Jian, Deputy Director General of ITER China addressed the meeting.