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Vice Minister Wang Zhigang Meets with President and CEO of Thermo Fisher


On 5 July 2016, Vice Minister Wang Zhigang met with the US delegation led by President and CEO of Thermo Fisher Technologies Marc Casper.

Vice Minister Wang briefed the US delegation on the national conference on scientific and technological innovation held not long ago and China’s progress and goals in precision medicine, and welcomed Thermo Fisher Technologies and other well-known companies to work with China on science and technology and related industrial development. Public health is an important social undertaking. Science and technology cooperation in this field was not only conducive to the growth of bilateral relations but also closely connected with people’s health and quality of life. Vice Minister Wang acknowledged the inclusion of Thermo Fisher Technologies’ science and technology cooperation with its Chinese partners into the outcomes of the China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-people Exchange, and expressed the hope for closer science and technology exchanges between multinational corporations including Thermo Fisher Technologies and Chinese research institutions, higher learning institutions, enterprises, hospitals and local governments. He hoped the two sides could explore new models of cooperation and yield more fruits in order to enrich China-US science and technology cooperation for the benefit of the two countries and peoples.

President Casper introduced the scientific and technological innovation of Thermo Fisher Technologies and the progress of its science and technology cooperation with China. He said that the company’s involvement in R&D and international cooperation was supported by government agencies including the US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health, and that the company looked forward to results-oriented science and technology cooperation with its Chinese partners in precision medicine, so as to explore new models of cooperation between research institutes and enterprises and make its due contribution to the science and technology cooperation between the two countries.