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China-Japan Working Group of Nuclear Fusion Held 9th Meeting in Lanzhou


The China-Japan Joint Working Group of Cooperation in Nuclear Fusion held its 9th meeting (JWG-9) in Lanzhou on July 7th and 8th, 2016. Participants were briefed on progress made over recent years by nuclear fusion authorities and principal research institutes from the two countries. They also reviewed execution of cooperative projects approved in 2015, deliberated and ratified the plan of research cooperation in 2016.

The meeting was sponsored by the Chinese Execution Center of International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program (ITER China) and organized by the Promotion Center for Science and Technology Development of Gansu Province. Representatives made presentations on the organizational structure of the nuclear fusion research team, governmental funding, progress of the ITER Program, as well as international cooperation in nuclear fusion research. Through briefings from managerial and technological perspectives, participants recognized that remarkable headway had been made in cooperative research. They further identified respective advantages and disadvantages in the research and explored possibilities of future collaboration, paving the way for more exchanges in the future.