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National S&T Enabling Program “Digitization of Xuan Paper Cultural Heritage and Integrated Cultural Tourism Service” Checked and Accepted

On August 25, 2016 the Department of High-tech Development and Industrialization under the Ministry of Science and Technology organized a panel of experts in Beijing to examine the “Digitization of Xuan Paper Cultural Heritage and Integrated Cultural Tourism Service”, which is a project of advanced manufacturing under the 2011-2015 National S&T Enabling Program. According to the Administrative Measures for the National S&T Enabling Program and the Measures for the Administration of Special Funds for National S&T Enabling Program, the panelists heard project implementation reports made by the project leader, examined project-related documents and watched a presentation about the project. Upon inquiries and discussions, the experts concluded that the project could be accepted as it has fulfilled major prescribed goals and met principal indicators.

The project team studied multi-model hybrid location, virtual reality and other technologies, developed the digital map and location-based service system to realize such functions on mobile terminals as automatic location & navigation, coordinator match, automatic playing of multimedia messages, and automatic sensing of electronic labels. The team also opened a cultural heritage website that introduces local travel information, displays its picturesque scenery and promotes the online museum of Xuan paper. The project team has filed seven patent applications, obtained 14 software copyrights and published nine academic papers. The project team also carried out a demonstration project of digitizing Xuan paper cultural heritage and offering integrated cultural tourism service. A planting base in Qingyang County provides eco-travel outdoor location services, and the Xuan paper museum and cultural park offer indoor location services themed on cultural tourism and science popularization. The project and services generate an annual revenue of RMB 5 million from cultural tourism.